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Hawaii Holiday Rentals

About Hawaii
When it comes to vacations, Hawaii often ranks as one of the top spots on jet-setters' lists of ideal destinations. It's a tropical oasis with plenty of territory to explore. Plus, you're never far from a pristine beach and the crystal-clear waters beyond. All you need is to book a Hawaii beach rental and start planning your trip to the islands.
Things to Do in Hawaii
Your Hawaiian itinerary will vary depending on which part of the state you visit. If you travel to Maui, for instance, you'll find delightful beaches and rainforests to explore, as well as a bustling city with all the creature comforts you can imagine. Alternatively, head to Kauai, which offers more unspoiled adventures, especially if you enjoy rugged hiking. There are also rainforests here as well as rocky coastlines to explore. Hilo is the perfect Hawaiian destination if you love traditional tourist activities, from zoos and zip lining outfitters to waterfalls and volcano tours. However, if you're interested in underwater excursions, make Kailua your primary destination. You can go scuba diving with the experts, try out your surfing skills, go snorkeling along the water's surface, and even try your hand at cliff diving. Lahaina, meanwhile, offers similar attractions, but it's best known for its whale-watching adventures. Grab a spot on a boat and make sure you have your camera in hand to capture the spectacular moments when whales breach the surface. This area is also great for beachcombing and shopping, so it offers something for everyone.
How to get around Hawaii
You'll probably want to arrive in Hawaii by plane, but the airport you choose will depend on your final destination. Kona International Airport is one of the more popular options thanks to its steady traffic of domestic and international flights. However, the Honolulu International Airport is the largest airport in Hawaii and often serves as the go-to point for visitors. Once you get to Hawaii, you can travel between destinations in numerous ways. You might want to rent a bicycle or motorbike, for instance, if you don't feel like being stuck in a car throughout your stay. However, you can always rent a car, which proves more economical if you plan to travel long distances. There's also public transportation throughout the state, which might make your visit more affordable.
Hawaii Events
Concerts, marathons, festivals, and other events take place all around Hawaii and at all times of the year. For instance, the Aloha Festivals take place between September and October and involve a wide variety of entertainment. There is the Honolulu Marathon in December, the Hawaii International Film Festival in October, and Kapalua Wine and Food Festival in June. On the Big Island, the Merrie Monarch Festival is the event of the year. It takes place just after Easter and celebrates the hula tradition. You can choose an event that closely matches your interests and tastes.
Hawaii is a large state full of adventure. Just choose a Hawaii beach rental so you can feel comfortable during your stay, and then design the ideal itinerary.