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TripCollective FAQs:

The Basics

What is TripCollective?
TripCollective is our enhanced contributor programme that recognises you each time you add to Tripadvisor. Think of it as your travel community's way of saying thanks for helping us collectively travel better.

How do I become involved?
It's easy - anybody who has contributed anything to Tripadvisor, be it a review, photo, forum post, rating or video, will receive TripCollective points. The minute you have points, you're in the programme.

The Programme

How do I receive points?
Every time you contribute to Tripadvisor, you receive TripCollective points. Here's a list of what you can contribute, and how much it's worth.
Review 100points
Photo 30points
Video 30points
Forum Post 20points
Rating 5points
Traveller Article Creation 100points
Traveller Article Edits 5points
Helpful Vote 1point

What are the levels?
There are 6 TripCollective levels, and which level you’re in depends on how many points you have.
Level6 10,000points
Level5 5,000points
Level4 2,500points
Level3 1,000points
Level2 500points
Level1 300points

How do I get to the next level?
The more you do, the more points you receive. As soon as your total TripCollective points reach the threshold of the next level, you automatically move up.

What are badges?

Badges are a way of displaying your knowledge and expertise. You will collect badges as you contribute to Tripadvisor – be it through writing reviews or adding photos. You also get badges in recognition of how helpful or useful your review or photo has been.

For a full list of all the badges available to collect, click here.

To see any badges you’ve earned for your profile, click here.

How do I know what level I am?
Check your level and points total at any time by heading to your profile here.

Do points have monetary value?
TripCollective points do not have monetary value and cannot be redeemed for anything.

I am part of a Tripadvisor programme that helps me earn airline miles. Do TripCollective points count toward this?
No, TripCollective points cannot be redeemed for anything and do not earn you points toward airline miles or any other travel partnerships associated with Tripadvisor.

Existing Contributors

I already wrote reviews, now what?
Well, congratulations! You're already part of TripCollective, and we couldn't be more proud to have you on board. Any review you've already written has automatically given you points, and you will already have a TripCollective level assigned to you. You can check your points and current level, as well as any badges you've earned, by looking in your profile here.

I’ve contributed something other than a review, does that count?
Absolutely! If you've submitted reviews, photos, videos, forum posts, ratings, Traveller Articles, Trip Lists or earned helpful votes you have already earned the corresponding points as shown above.

What happens to my badges?

Any badge you've already earned still stands. We've given our badges a bit of a makeover, but essentially they're still the same, and work in the same way.

Check out the new look of all our badges here, or you can check in your profile to see what you have received already.

I haven’t written a review for a while, does that affect my level?

Not at all. We’re grateful to anyone who has helped make Tripadvisor what it is today. So no matter how long it’s been since your first or last review, any content ever submitted on Tripadvisor counts, and your TripCollective points total reflects that.

Check out your TripCollective status at any time by heading to your profile here.


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