Responding to Reviews Builds Revenue and Reputation

A recent study has revealed a direct relationship between responding to reviews and increased hotel occupancy rates.1

You’ve known that writing Management Responses is a good way to boost traveller engagement, and now there’s evidence that it does much more than that. 

A March 2015 study by Medallia shows that accommodations that respond to more than 50% of social media reviews grow occupancy rates at more than twice the rate of properties that tend to ignore reviews. What’s more, these responsive properties also grew occupancy rates faster than the hospitality industry as a whole.

Management responses matter

The takeaway message is clear: Travellers prefer to book with properties that respond to reviews.  This is great news if you already make a habit of writing Management Responses to your Tripadvisor reviews. It’s even better news if you don’t, because there’s an excellent new incentive to start now.

The research shows that responding to more than 50% of reviews correlates with 6.8 percentage points of growth in occupancy rates.

Time is of the essence 

“This research shows that letting employees engage with customers online pays real dividends.” – Michael Morton, Vice President of Member Services, Best Western hotels

According to the study, it’s also important to respond to reviews in a timely manner: On average, properties that responded to feedback in less than a day boasted occupancy rates 12.8% higher than properties that took two days to respond. So don’t wait – make it a priority to respond to reviews as soon as they come in!

Being responsive affects your reputation

Finally, the Medallia study demonstrated that highly responsive properties are also rated more highly in terms of customer satisfaction than less responsive properties. This is consistent with a recent Tripadvisor survey that exposed a strong link between writing Management Responses and an increase in a property’s average review rating.

As Michael Morton, Best Western’s Vice President of Member Services, put it, “This research shows that letting employees engage with customers online — armed with their first-hand knowledge of specific customer experiences — pays real dividends.” There’s never been a better time to join the conversation and engage with your reviewers. Get started today!

Responding to Social Media Boosts a Company’s Bottom Line, New Research Finds, March 2015

Last Updated: 21 April 2015