Top 10 Tripadvisor Myths

Below are 10 common misconceptions about Tripadvisor – and the real story behind the myths.

MYTH 1: Reviews on Tripadvisor are usually negative.

REALITY: In fact, the majority are positive! Three-quarters of reviews are rated “very good” or “excellent.”

MYTH 2: You can’t trust Tripadvisor reviews.

REALITY: We have a lot of research showing that travellers find that their experience generally reflects the reviews they’ve read. Travellers take a balanced view of reviews and are not persuaded by one review alone. They tend to appreciate the wisdom of crowds and look to the majority opinion for guidance. Tripadvisor takes review integrity seriously, which is why we’ve developed a multi-tiered approach to content screening that includes a dedicated team, sophisticated technology and our loyal community. If you think a review is suspicious or fraudulent, let us know! 

MYTH 3: Nothing is free on Tripadvisor.

REALITY: Thousands of property owners and managers worldwide take full advantage of our free Management Centre tools. It doesn’t cost you anything to add photos, sign up for notifications of new reviews or post a Management Response. You can also take advantage of additional promotional opportunities by purchasing a Business Advantage.

MYTH 4: I have no control over my Tripadvisor listing.

REALITY: Just complete the free registration in the Management Centre and you can start adding a property description, photos, videos and more.

MYTH 5: Businesses can’t share their side of the story on Tripadvisor.

REALITY: We strongly encourage you to add Management Responses to reviews. These not only show guests that you take their feedback seriously, but also gives you the last word.

MYTH 6: Businesses and travellers are held to different standards. 

REALITY: Both traveller reviews and Management Responses must meet Tripadvisor guidelines to ensure they’re relevant and fair. If they do, they’re posted quickly.

MYTH 7: There is  no one at Tripadvisor to help business representatives.

REALITY: In fact, we have a multi-lingual customer service team dedicated to resolving your issues. They're available via the Management Centre, telephone and email. Contact details for your language and region are posted in your Management Centre.

MYTH 8: It’s against Tripadvisor rules to ask guests to write a review.

REALITY: While offering incentives for reviews is against our rules, suggesting your guests write a review is always a great idea! In fact, we even offer tools in the Management Centre that you can use to remind guests to write reviews after they leave.

MYTH 9: The popularity ranking is rigged.

REALITY: The algorithm for our popularity ranking is based on three things: the quantity, quality and age of reviews for your business. Updates to your popularity ranking score are based solely on new reviews – and commercial relationships never come into play.

MYTH 10: Tripadvisor may be big in the U.S., but it’s not important to the rest of the world.

REALITY: According to comScore, we’re the world’s largest travel site. In fact, a majority of our traffic originates from outside the U.S. So register with the Management Center and start growing your business with us today!

Sign up with the Management Centre today!

Sign up with the Management Centre today!

Last Updated: 10 January 2018