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Frequently Asked Questions About the Certificate of Excellence


Frequently Asked Questions About the Certificate of Excellence

Learn more about the Certificate of Excellence with these frequently asked questions.

What is the Certificate of Excellence?

Founded in 2010, the Certificate of Excellence honours hospitality businesses that deliver consistently great service. This designation is given to establishments that have consistently achieved great traveller reviews on TripAdvisor over the past year. Establishments earning the Certificate of Excellence are located all over the world and have continually delivered superior customer experience. 

Who is eligible to receive a Certificate of Excellence?

Accommodations, eateries, airlines, holiday rentals and attractions worldwide are eligible to receive a Certificate of Excellence.

How are Certificate of Excellence recipients determined?

To determine Certificate of Excellence recipients we use a variety of user-generated content. This includes review ratings, overall rating and quantity and recency of reviews. To qualify for a Certificate of Excellence, a hospitality business must:

  • Maintain an overall TripAdvisor rating of at least four out of five
  • Have a minimum number of reviews
  • Have been listed on TripAdvisor for at least twelve months

Do commercial relationships with TripAdvisor influence Certificate of Excellence?

No, Certificate of Excellence recipients are determined by travellers through their ratings and reviews on TripAdvisor. Whether or not a business has a commercial relationship with TripAdvisor is not a factor when determining recipients.

What benefits do Certificate of Excellence properties receive?

Certificate of Excellence recipients will receive an e-mail notification on the 21st of June. All recipients are encouraged to request a printed certificate and window sticker announcing their designation (perfect for enticing the 75% of TripAdvisor travellers who are more likely to patronise a business displaying a TripAdvisor endorsement1).

Recipients will also automatically receive a Certificate of Excellence badge on their property page on, as well as access to an exclusive Certificate of Excellence widget and other promotional tools and tips in the TripAdvisor Management Centre.

How do I promote my Certificate of Excellence?

As a Certificate of Excellence recipient, you’ll find a variety of promotional resources in your Management Centre and via e-mail.

How do I request a printed Certificate of Excellence?

It’s easy to request a printed certificate from this year or past years. Here’s how:

  1. Log into the Management Centre
  2. Move your mouse over the Profile menu at the top of the page, then select Awards in the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on "Get your Badge" next to your Certificate of Excellence widget.
  4. Click on the Certificate link at the bottom of the page. 
  5. Fill out the Certificate of Excellence Request form and click the Submit Request button. 

Follow the directions above and you’ll receive your Certificate of Excellence in the mail within 8 weeks. 

  • 1. TripAdvisor Member Survey, October 2012
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