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Why Reviews Help

How Reviews Help Your Business

How Reviews Help Your Business Three reasons why reviews help build a successful hospitality business

Many hospitality businesses make the mistake of not actively collecting guest reviews on sites like Tripadvisor. They may have more pressing priorities or concerns about potential negative feedback. But research shows that reviews can provide strong value for hospitality businesses. Here are three reasons why guest reviews are vital to the success of your business:

1. Reviews impact bookings

A recent PhoCusWright study1 revealed the impact reviews have on travellers’ decision-making:

  • 83% of respondents indicated that reviews help them pick the right hotel
  • 80% read at least 6 – 12 reviews prior to booking
  • 53% won’t commit to a booking until they read reviews

Similar trends apply with travellers and attractions and restaurants:

  • 68% of respondents say reviews help them know about attractions
  • 64% read reviews to find better restaurants

These results demonstrate how reviews can impact sales for all hospitality businesses. If you’re not collecting fresh feedback, and sharing it with travellers, you may be losing business to competitors who do.

2. More reviews over time can lead to higher ratings

The average Tripadvisor review rating is 4.12 / 5.2

Academic research has demonstrated that ratings in reviews usually become higher over time. Why? Early guests often have negative experiences that surprise them, which is reflected in initial reviews. As a property gets more reviews, the average rating tends to increase. The researchers believe this is because additional reviews help set traveller expectations. Eventually, the ratings centralize around a more accurate average.3

Consistently collecting reviews yields a more accurate assessment of your property – which is important to both you and potential guests. With more reviews, the impact of extreme feedback can be limited. Plus, using negative reviews to improve can help ensure future ratings continue to rise.

3. Reviews help businesses evolve

Peter O’Sullivan, Owner of Harington’s Hotel in Bath, England, says:

“We might think we’re doing a brilliant job – but there’s no point in us thinking we’re doing a brilliant job if guests don’t think we are – so we really value that feedback…It gives us a way to improve the service and the quality of product that we offer…In the last three or four years, in particular, we’ve really focused more on it. We can see the level of repeat bookings we’re getting has increased as well."

In fact, reviews are a free way to assess how your business is performing. They highlight what’s going well and where improvements can be made. Trends in reviews also reveal insights into guest expectations and how to better meet them.

How to collect reviews

80% of surveyed travellers say they focus on the newest reviews.

So, how can your property collect more reviews? Tripadvisor has lots of free tools to help. Use Review Express to easily send optimised review request emails. It’s even better than using your own email account because it delivers an automatic reminder and a detailed dashboard that tracks the performance of each campaign.  

For even more tools, log in to the Management Centre and visit the "Marketing Tools" tab at the top of the page. Here you will find widgets for your website and promotional tools like Tripadvisor stickers and "write a review" business cards. 

  • 1. Independent PhoCusWright study prepared for Tripadvisor, December 2013
  • 2. Tripadvisor internal data, January 2014
  • 3. “Online Customer Reviews of Hotels: As Participation Increases, Better Evaluation Is Obtained.” Cornell Hospitality Quarterly. March 2013.
Last Updated: 1 February 2017

8 Reasons to Ask All Your Guests to Write a Review

8 Reasons to Ask All Your Guests to Write a Review When guests check out, many properties ask them to write a Tripadvisor review so that travellers have the fresh feedback they want to see before making a booking decision. What differentiates properties that are doing a great job with this from everyone else? Who they ask.

Properties that only ask for feedback from guests who they know had a great experience are not doing themselves, or their future guests, any favours. Remember the evil queen in Snow White?  Every day she asked her magic mirror who was "the fairest in the land", and she was only satisfied when the answer was her.  In the end, her resistance to hearing the truth backfired.  Here are 8 other reasons why it’s in your best interest to ask all guests for reviews: 

1. Don't assume you know what people are going to say.

You may think that a guest had a fabulous experience at your property or vice-versa, but you never know what will come through in a review.  Give guests the opportunity to surprise you. 

2. Well-rounded reviews set realistic expectations.

Afraid that the couple who commented on your small room size might write that in the review?  If your rooms are indeed small, that’s not a bad thing.  Guests who are considering your property need to know what to expect, warts and all.  If they come in with realistic expectations, they’re more likely to come out pleased.  

3. When all reviews are stellar, it's almost not believable.

No one is perfect, and travellers know that as well as anyone else.  If 100% of your feedback is stellar, it can raise suspicions.   A mix of opinions adds credibility.

4. Travellers focus on the positive. 

When feedback is highly negative, they actually don’t pay much attention to it.  In a 2013 Phocuswright survey, 66% of respondents said that they ignore extreme comments when reading reviews. 

5. Hold yourself accountable.

If you realised that someone was unhappy while at your property, did you really do nothing about it?  If you addressed the issue, that will likely be reflected in the review. And if the traveller is being unreasonable despite redress, that will also come through, loud and clear. 

6. You can’t improve unless you know what all your guests think.

If there is a valid problem at your property, you need to know about it.  You can't get better if you don't know what all your guests think. And if the feedback is negative, write a management response and tell the world what you’re doing about it. 

7. Demonstrate confidence in your product. 

Inviting every guest to write a review demonstrates that you’re confident your property is providing the best experience possible.  If you’re not confident in that, all the more reason to get as much feedback as possible and figure out what you need to fix. 

8. Honesty is the best policy.

When it comes down to it, it's just not that honest to cherry-pick for positive feedback. Tripadvisor provides a platform for all travellers to share all of their opinions, not just the ones that you like.  And soliciting feedback from everyone helps insure that you remain in compliance with our fraud policy. 

The bottom line is, successful hoteliers welcome all feedback and use it to their advantage, either to market their properties or make them better.  Ask every guest for a review, embrace all opinions and your business will benefit in the end.   

Last Updated: 22 September 2014

Cornell Study Demonstrates ROI of Social Media and Reviews

Cornell Study Demonstrates ROI of Social Media and Reviews Groundbreaking study links reviews, occupancy, and pricing power

As social media has grown in profile over the last few years, the question on many hospitality professionals’ minds has been: what’s the return-on-investment? Is social media truly worth an investment of time and resources? To date, there has been no concrete numerical confirmation.

Now, a groundbreaking study from The Cornell Hospitality Research Center provides some answers. “The Impact of Social Media on Lodging Performance” is the first research to demonstrate the return on investment that hotels can expect from social media and reviews. Data from ReviewPro, STR, Travelocity, comScore and Tripadvisor has been combined to show social media’s growing influence on the consumer research process and how this influence, in turn, can impact a hotel’s ability to set prices, drive occupancy and increase revenue. The key findings of the study, along with key takeaways for your business, are summarised below:

Key Finding #1: Guests are visiting Tripadvisor more frequently prior to booking

The report shows that more people are visiting Tripadvisor to assist in their hotel research. Plus, those already using the site are returning more often and all users are viewing more reviews before making hotel choices.  

The data also demonstrates that reviews are one of the last resources guests reference before selecting a hotel, as they visit Tripadvisor significantly more often in the five days prior to booking. In fact, over one-quarter of their total Tripadvisor visits occur during that time frame.

Key Finding #2: Higher review scores on OTA sites allow hotels to charge more while maintaining occupancy rates

The study found that increases in a hotel’s user review scores on OTA channels can positively influence the relationship between price increases and demand. Higher review scores increase conversion rates, even when prices increase.

Typically, as a hotel’s price per room increases its occupancy rates tend to go down. However, if a property can increase its review score by one point (on a five-point scale) on OTA channels, it could increase its prices by about 11.2% and still maintain the same occupancy rates. The positive effect of an increased user review score can offset the negative occupancy impact that’s normally attributed to higher prices.

Key Finding #3: Properties with stronger reputations across all channels perform better overall

The research shows that as a property’s social reputation improves, its overall performance also improves. A stronger online reputation increases a hotel’s pricing power – allowing it to increase its prices while maintaining the same occupancy levels. This price increase results in higher revenue and improved performance. The reverse is true as well – properties with weaker social reputations perform worse because they have to reduce prices to maintain occupancy levels.

Takeaways for your business

  • Register and verify your property with Tripadvisor to take full advantage of the site’s qualified audience.
  • Visit your Management Centre regularly to refresh content and re-engage travellers who may return to your property page several times as they research a trip.
  • Monitor your reviews to see how you’re doing, learn from previous guest feedback, and make the necessary operational changes. The key to improving your review scores on any platform is providing the best possible guest experience.
  • Encourage new reviews to help build your Tripadvisor overall review score. To learn more, select “Free marketing tools” in the Management Centre and then check out the tools under “Get more reviews” for help.
  • Management Responses are a great way for you to build your reputation as potential travellers get to know your property. If a lower-rated review comes in, use that opportunity to write a Management Response and make a good impression on other guests.
  • Good service is the foundation of your reputation. You can use the Review Dashboard to watch for common service themes in your reviews (under “Your Property Overview” on the Management Centre homepage). You can then work on making improvements.

Source: “The Impact of Social Media on Lodging Performance.” Chris K. Anderson, The Center for Hospitality Research. Cornell University. November 2012. 



Last Updated: 31 July 2013

Review Express

The Complete Review Express Guide

The Complete Review Express Guide Learn more about the fast, free way to collect Tripadvisor reviews for your property.

Looking for an easy way to get more reviews for your business? Try Review Express – the review collection tool that Tripadvisor created based on feedback from hospitality businesses like yours. It’s free for all types of properties – no subscription required.

PhoCusWright data shows that more than half of travellers won’t commit to a booking until they read reviews1

With Review Express, you’ll create and send professional-looking emails that encourage guests to write reviews of your business. These emails can be customised with your property’s branding. There’s also a Review Express dashboard that provides in-depth analysis and tracking to help you fully optimise your campaigns.  On average, regular Review Express users see an uplift of 28% in the amount of Tripadvisor reviews for their property.2

Read on to learn how easy it is to start using Review Express for your business: 

Getting started

The first step to using Review Express is to gather your guests’ information. Start by collecting guest email addresses, permissions, and language preferences in a spreadsheet or other easily accessible location. Accuracy is important because it increases the likelihood that your Review Express emails will be delivered, opened and clicked – resulting in more reviews for your property.

Often, the best way to collect email addresses is to simply ask guests for the information before they leave. If you have an online booking function, consider incorporating “Email Address” and “Language Preference” fields into your online form. You can see more tips for collecting guest email addresses here. Before you start collecting guest data, be sure to review any applicable email laws in your country and make sure your plans comply with them.

No matter how you collect an email address, it’s important to get guests' permission to email them. You should explain exactly how you’ll use their addresses. If you’re sending a Review Express campaign, be sure to tell them that in advance. Properly setting guests’ expectations can help increase your open and review rates.

Set up a Review Express campaign

Setting up a Review Express campaign is simple. Go to and type in your property name to access the Review Express home page. This hub contains everything you need to start requesting reviews from your past guests. To send an email, click “Create Email" from the top menu.

Create Email 

The “Create Email” area is where you configure the email you’ll send to guests. The first time you use Review Express, it will default to the Tripadvisor template in your language. Just click the "Edit" button to customise each element of the template:

  • From address: This is the address that appears in the “Sender” field of your guest’s email. Be sure it’s something that’s easily recognizable.
  • Subject: This is the email subject line that will appear to your guest. Avoid using exclamation points and other punctuation to limit bounces (emails that aren’t able to be delivered).
  • Photo: There’s a spot for a photo next to the name and address of your property at the top of the email. You can use your property’s default image, upload a new one or choose not to include one.
  • ​Message: The email message includes the headline and body of the email. You can use the current message, edit it or add your own. Generally, shorter is better and it’s a good idea to thank guests for their business.

If you make changes to the Tripadvisor template, you’ll be prompted to save them as a new message. You can also choose to make your new message the default for that language. When you make a message the default, an asterisk will automatically be added to its name and it will appear first when you select that language in the “Create Email” area. You can always identify the default template by the asterisk in its title.

To have the most success, send targeted messages to guests in the languages they speak. Review Express is available in about 30 languages and there are Tripadvisor templates in each one. You can use these templates to contact guests who speak other languages, even if you do not.

Once your template is ready to go, click the “Continue to send” button to move on to the next step. 

Send Email

In this step, add the email addresses of the guests you’d like to reach. Have just a few addresses? Type them into the text box. If you have lots of emails to send, upload a spreadsheet of up to 1,000 email addresses using the file upload box. Review Express will accept .CSV or .XLS files up to 5MB in size. If you’re sending emails to guests in different languages, be sure to set up a new message and upload just those addresses for that campaign.

Don't worry, an email address will automatically be removed from a campaign if: The email recipient has reviewed your business in the last 30 (restaurants) to 90 days (attractions). A Review Express email was sent to the address in the last 30 days. The email recipients have unsubscribed from Review Express emails.

Keep in mind, Tripadvisor takes fraud and privacy very seriously. The addresses you submit must belong to people who have visited your property and you must have permission to email them. You cannot have a personal relationship with any of the recipients and they cannot be offered any incentives for reviews. Finally, avoid selectively emailing only the guests you believe will write positive reviews. Review Express emails should be consistently sent to all guests – properties are often happily surprised by the results. 

Once you’ve added your recipients, review and click the three notices at the bottom of the page. Then hit “Send.” Your emails will be sent within 24 hours. Reviews that you receive through Review Express will have a label indicating they were collected in partnership with your property.

Go automated

Sending Review Express emails can be even easier for accommodations that are working with a Tripadvisor-certified connectivity provider – like an internet booking engine or property management system. These properties can opt in to have Review Express emails sent automatically to guests when they check out. And it’s free! 

If your property is eligible, you can sign up for this feature on the Review Express home page. Just click the button in the “Automate” box. Remember, you’ll still need to use the “Send Email” method outlined above to request reviews from guests who book through another third party, like an Online Travel Agent.

Once you sign up, your connectivity provider will begin providing Tripadvisor with the data to automatically send guests your default Review Express email on your behalf. The email will be sent to guests within 72 hours of check out. You won’t have to do a thing! You can edit your Automated Review Express default emails and monitor the status of your connectivity provider in the "Settings" tab.

If your accommodation isn’t able to sign up for automated Review Express, it could be that your connectivity provider is not certified. Please contact your provider to get connected. To learn more about automated Review Express, click here.

Add private surveys

In addition to using Review Express to collect public feedback that shows up on your Tripadvisor page, accommodations can also get private feedback as well. With the Review Express + private surveys add-on, each Review Express campaign you send also includes a short, customizable guest satisfaction survey.

If travellers choose to complete the optional survey, that feedback is just for you and your hotel or B&Bs’ staff. Your survey responses remain confidential and don’t show up on your Tripadvisor page or influence your Tripadvisor rating or ranking.

To add your private survey, go to the Create Survey tab. You’ll see a list of pre-translated questions you can ask your guests. Click on a question you want and drag it to your survey – if you change your mind, you can reorder or remove questions as well.

Your private survey responses will show up in your Review Express Dashboard. To learn more, check out Understanding your private survey responses.

Review Express Dashboard

Once you’ve started sending campaigns, the Dashboard tracks the success of each one. To access it, click “Dashboard” from the top menu within Review Express.

First, you’ll see the key statistics from all the campaigns sent including Total Campaigns, Total Emails Sent, Total Opens, Total Clicks and Total Reviews. The Dashboard tracks the performance of all Review Express campaigns at the property level, no matter who sends them. You can use these numbers to evaluate your Review Express success over time.

Another key section of the dashboard is recent reviews. Titles and ratings of your most recent reviews are listed. If you don’t have recent reviews, the dashboard will provide some tips to try for future campaigns.

Finally, the “Recent email campaigns” report has regularly updated stats for each campaign sent by your property. It tracks the number of emails sent, opened and clicked as well as how many were bounced or suppressed. Suppression is used to prevent unnecessary emails to your guests. An email address will be automatically removed from a campaign if: 

  • The email recipient has reviewed your business in the last 30 (restaurants) to 90 days (attractions).
  • A Review Express email was sent to the address in the last 30 days.
  • The email recipients have unsubscribed from Review Express emails.

For more tips on the dashboard, including how to use it to drive your Review Express success, check out this tip sheet.  


Ready to get started with Review Express? Visit today. You’ll be able to set up and send your first campaign in fifteen minutes. If you’re looking for more help, including tips for sending Review Express campaigns, frequently asked questions and more information on why reviews matter, check out these resources.

Top Review Express Tips

  1. Set guests’ expectations: Tell them you’ll be sending a Review Express email to collect their feedback.
  2. Send emails regularly: Ask guests for feedback within a few days of check out, when the experience is still fresh.
  3. Choose your “from” address wisely: Be sure it includes the name of the property or a key employee that is recognizable.


Sources: 1. Independent PhoCusWright study prepared for Tripadvisor, December 2013 2. Tripadvisor site data, January 2014

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About Tripadvisor Review Express & Email Permissions

About Tripadvisor Review Express & Email Permissions Answers to frequently asked questions about Review Express and email permissions. Review Express is a free and easy way to collect feedback from guests. It allows you to send professional-looking review reminder emails to guests, after their stay. Let’s cover some frequently asked questions regarding email permissions and Tripadvisor Review Express. How do email permissions work? Prior to uploading guests’ email addresses to Review Express, you must have permission to pass their details to Tripadvisor to facilitate review collection — typically this is included in a data collection statement. You must also maintain a record of their consent. What happens if a guest questions the email? In accordance with data privacy laws, if a guest questions the review request email from Tripadvisor, we’ll refer them back to you to confirm their consent. You’ll need to be able to show that the guests consented to receive communications from Tripadvisor. Does Tripadvisor use my guests’ email addresses for other purposes?...

9 Common Review Express Concerns

9 Common Review Express Concerns Answers to the most frequently asked Review Express questions.

1. What’s the cost for Review Express?

Review Express is free for all businesses listed on Tripadvisor. You just need to be a registered owner or manager for your property. 

2. Why is Review Express better than sending my own email?

Review Express is a free and easy way to collect feedback from guests. You’ll benefit from co-branding with Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel site. You’ll have access to the Review Express dashboard, which provides clear, accurate results for each of your campaigns. There’s also a reminder email that’s automatically sent to guests who don’t respond – making it even easier for you to get more reviews. 

3. How do email permissions work?

Read our article on Review Express and email permissions here.

4. What happens with my guests’ email addresses when I use Review Express?

When the email addresses are received they are run through our Review Express filters. First, addresses of recipients who have elected not to receive emails from Review Express are removed. Then, addresses that have received Review Express emails from you in the last 30 days, and those that have written a review of your business in the last three months, are removed.

Your Review Express email is sent to the remaining addresses and responses are tracked in the dashboard. If there’s no response within 7 days, and you’ve chosen to send a reminder email to guests, Tripadvisor will send a follow up email on your behalf. At that point, the addresses remain stored in a Tripadvisor server, so results of the campaign can continue to be tracked in the dashboard and future email campaign lists can be properly filtered.    

5. How does Tripadvisor protect my guests’ information?

Email addresses provided to Tripadvisor through Review Express are stored separately and securely. Access is limited to specific people on the Tripadvisor team.

6. Does Tripadvisor use these email addresses for other purposes?

No. Tripadvisor recognizes the value and importance in protecting your guests’ information. Email addresses submitted for Review Express are not used for any other purpose. They are not subscribed to general Tripadvisor email campaigns, or tracked for anything other than reporting on your Review Express dashboard.

7. If I provide my guests’ email addresses, will they automatically become Tripadvisor members?

No, we do not automatically create memberships for Review Express email recipients. However, a user will need a Tripadvisor membership to write a review of your property. When users decide to submit reviews, they can choose to register on the site or log in to their existing accounts and then adjust account settings in relation to receiving future emails from Tripadvisor.

8. Can I accidentally over-email my guests with Review Express?

Only one initial Review Express email and one reminder email can be sent to each guest per visit to your property, within a 30-day time period. The reminder email is only sent if you elect to use that feature and your guest hasn’t already written a review about your property.

If you’re using automated Review Express, we’ll also compare any incoming addresses from your hospitality technology provider with your campaign history to ensure your guests aren’t double-emailed. This is important because you should still use manual Review Express to send emails to the people who don’t book through your technology providers.

9. Can I be selective and only send Review Express emails to guests who are likely to write positive reviews?

You should ask all guests for permission to email them, and send Review Express emails to everyone who consents. Selectively emailing guests who are most likely to write positive reviews is considered a fraudulent practice and may result in penalties for your property. For more information, click here. Keep in mind – properties are often surprised by the amount of positive feedback they receive … after all, the average Tripadvisor review rating is 4.12 bubbles out of 5.1

  • 1. Tripadvisor internal data, January 2014
Last Updated: 20 June 2018

8 Ways to Collect Guest Email Addresses

8 Ways to Collect Guest Email Addresses

Sending follow-up emails to guests is a great way to collect valuable feedback on your business. Review Express makes sending these follow-up emails quick & easy.

The first step to using Review Express is to collect your visitors’ contact details. Here are 8 tips for collecting email addresses from guests:

  1. Give guests the option of providing their email addresses to receive an email reminder of their upcoming booking.
  2. Contact your booking engine or online travel agent partners to see if they can provide an email address for each booking they make.
  3. Simply ask guests for their email address at arrival, and again at departure, if needed.
  4. Work with your Wi-Fi providers to require users to log in with their social media or email accounts before using the network. Then ask your provider to share this data, so you can follow up with guests later. 
  5. Offer to email a copy of the final bill or deliver an expedited check-out process via email (e-delivery of bills and e-authorisation of charges) to get guests on their way faster.
  6. For accommodations, provide a free airline eTicket boarding pass print and delivery service – all guests have to do is share their email addresses.
  7. For restaurants, encourage guests to share their email addresses for a sneak peak of upcoming seasonal menus.
  8. For attractions, offer to send a follow-up email with other tours given by the same guide.

Important: No matter how you collect an email address, make sure you tell the guest exactly how you'll use it. If you’re sending a Review Express campaign, be sure to explain that in advance. This will help increase your open and completion rates. (You can track these metrics in the Review Express Dashboard.)

Once you’ve started collecting addresses, be sure to consolidate them in one easily-accessible location, like a spreadsheet. That way you can upload them into tools like Review Express in one easy step.

Last Updated: 3 September 2013

Understanding your private survey responses

Understanding your private survey responses How to use the Review Express Dashboard to track your Review Express + private surveys guest feedback.

With each email campaign you send, Review Express + private surveys makes it easy to get two kinds of powerful guest feedback. Tracking your Tripadvisor review and private survey feedback collection efforts is easy, too. How? With the Review Express Dashboard.

Accessing your dashboard

Your dashboard is available through the Review Express homepage. Search for your property’s name or select it from the dropdown menu, then click on Dashboard at the top of your Review Express page.

You can track survey and Review Express campaign results once you set up your Review Express email template and customised private survey. Reviews you collect will appear on your Tripadvisor property page. Your survey feedback stays private and does not influence your Tripadvisor ranking or rating.

Viewing your survey feedback

Your private survey feedback is only viewable by you, in the Review Express dashboard.

Whether you want an at-a-glance update, a closer look at responses or an in-depth analysis, the Review Express Dashboard has you covered.

First, select your time frame. For instance, you might want to view survey data based on all responses within the past month, three months or six months. Then it’s time to see how your guests responded to your private survey. There are three levels of detail you can choose from when tracking your private surveys efforts.

1. Topline results 

This is how you can view key details, such as:

  • Your number of completed surveys.
  • When you received your most recent response.
  • Whether your survey is currently published.

You can also see the average rating for each question included in your customised survey. Average rating is calculated by adding up all ratings for a particular question and dividing by the number of responses.

Responses are organised by question category, such as “Overall Experience,” “Guest Room & Furnishing” or “Hotel Staff.” Click on a category to expand that section and see data for any questions that have responses within your selected time frame.

2. More detailed analysis

You can also hover your cursor over a particular survey question for more details.

This lets you see a breakdown of responses by rating, such as how many guests answered with a 5 out of 5 (extremely satisfied), 4 out of 5 (satisfied) or otherwise.

3. Downloadable raw data 
Want to look at the more detailed “raw” data for your survey responses? Click on the Download Results button and your data will be downloaded as a .csv file.

Download survey results to view written responses to open-ended questions and more.

This file will include:

  • Responses organised by guest (each row is one guest’s survey responses).
  • Written responses to open-ended questions, such as “Could you share with us the reason behind the rating?”
  • Which Review Express + Private Surveys email campaign the guest responded to.

Downloading raw data lets you analyse results more closely. As an example, you might discover that guests who are very satisfied with room cleanliness are most likely to recommend you to others. By improving your housekeeping efforts, you could get even more guests saying they’re very likely to recommend your property.

Note: Because your downloaded results include guest email addresses, you must follow all applicable data privacy laws when using the data.

Understanding Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter® Score, or NPS® was created to help gauge customer loyalty. You have the option to include two NPS-related private survey questions in your survey to measure this important and popular metric.

Question 1: Calculating your score
Your guests answer, “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?” Responses are on a scale of 0-10, with 0 being would not recommend at all and 10 being most likely to recommend.

Those who answer 9 or 10 are considered promoters, or guests who are likely to recommend you to others. Meanwhile, those who give a score of 7 or 8 are considered passive promoters who are generally satisfied but aren’t likely to actively recommend you. And those who respond with a score of 6 or below are detractors, or generally unhappy customers.

Your Net Promoter Score is calculated based on your total number of responses:

  • Take the percentage of 9 and 10 ratings (your promoters)
  • And subtract the percentage of 0 through 6 ratings (your detractors),
  • Which gives you a result anywhere from -100 to 100 (your score).
  • Ratings of 7 or 8 count towards your number of total responses, but do not directly factor into your score.

The higher your score, the more guests who are enthusiastic about their stay with you. Typically, a Net Promoter Score above zero is considered good.

Click here to learn more about Net Promoter Score and how it works.

Question 2: Understanding why
The second question is open-ended and asks, “Could you share with us the reason behind the rating?” This gives you valuable insight into responses for the recommendation question, which you can use to improve your guest service, operations, features and facilities and more.

To view responses to this question, follow the “Download raw data” instructions above.


Last Updated: 4 May 2015

Review Express + private surveys: Quick start guide

Review Express + private surveys: Quick start guide Now accommodations can collect Tripadvisor reviews and private guest feedback with one simple email. Here’s how.

What is Review Express + private surveys?

Review Express is the popular and free tool that makes it easy to request a Tripadvisor review. The private surveys extension, available to hotels and B&Bs, adds a customizable guest satisfaction survey too. So with each Review Express + private surveys email you send, you can easily get public Tripadvisor reviews and private guest feedback at the same time.

What do we mean by private feedback? Your survey responses are exclusively for your use, and:

  • Only appear in your password-protected Review Express Dashboard.
  • Do not show up on your Tripadvisor property page.
  • Do not influence your Tripadvisor rating or ranking.

Want to see what guests think is important enough to include in a review and also get private feedback on topics you choose? Here’s how to get started with Review Express + private surveys.

Step 1: Create your email

  • Go to and enter your property’s name.
    Already use Review Express? Skip to step 2 below.
  • On the Create Email tab, you can either:
    • Customise your from address, photo, subject line and message,
    • Or use our convenient template available in 20+ languages.
  • Your email automatically includes a link to the Tripadvisor review form. Once you publish your private survey, the guests you email will also have the option to complete the survey as well before they write their Tripadvisor review.
  • Click Add Survey to continue to customizing your private survey. If you’ve already published your survey, you can click Update Survey to make changes.

Quick start tip: Read our complete Review Express guide for step-by-step help creating your email template.

Step 2: Choose your questions

  • On the Create Survey tab, look through the list of available and pre-translated questions organised by category, such as “Overall Experience” or “Hotel Staff.”
  • To add a question, click and drag it to your survey. You can include up to 7 questions in your survey. This way, you can collect private survey feedback and a Tripadvisor review without overwhelming guests.
  • You can “drag and drop” your questions in the order you want them to appear. You can also reorder questions in your survey by clicking and dragging them up or down.
  • To remove a question that’s already in your survey, click on the X in the top right corner.
  • The question “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?” is included by default. While including this question is recommended for tracking overall guest satisfaction, you can reorder or remove it.

Quick start tip: Hover your cursor over a question to see the full text, including the possible responses.

Step 3: Publish your survey

  • Click Preview to see what your guests will see. You can still add, remove or reorder questions before publishing.
  • When you’re satisfied, click Publish to include your survey in any Review Express + private surveys email campaigns you send starting now.
  • You can also stop your survey once it’s published by clicking Stop Survey.
  • While we don’t recommend changing your questions frequently because then you lose the ability to track existing trends, you can update your published survey:
    • First, edit your existing survey on the survey tab by adding, removing or reordering questions.
    • Then click Update Survey.

Quick start tip: Send your Review Express + private surveys email on a weekly basis so you reach recent guests soon after their stay.

Step 4: View your results

  • Visit the Review Express Dashboard tab to track your Review Express + private surveys results.
  • You can use the time frame dropdown to filter results by the last month, 3 months or 6 months.
  • Browse responses for individual questions, organised by category. Hover over a specific question for more details about responses.
  • Click Download Results for raw survey response data in .csv format.

Quick start tip: Check out our overview for interpreting your survey results.

Customise your Private Survey now

Collecting powerful guest feedback is easy, with Review Express + private surveys. Start now by visiting

Last Updated: 4 May 2015

Quick Start Guide: Automated Review Express

Quick Start Guide: Automated Review Express Automated Review Express allows you to leverage your partnership with a Tripadvisor-certified connectivity provider to effortlessly gain new reviews for your business. Use this guide to get started.

Review Express is a free, easy-to-use Tripadvisor tool that allows properties to email past guests and request reviews. On average, regular Review Express users see an uplift of 33% in the amount of Tripadvisor reviews for their property.1 For hoteliers who are working with a Tripadvisor-certified connectivity provider – like an internet booking engine or property management system – collecting reviews can be even easier with automated Review Express.

How does automated Review Express work? When guests check out, your connectivity provider will automatically deliver their email addresses to Tripadvisor. In turn, Tripadvisor will send the guests a customised Review Express email within 72 hours. The best part? Automated Review Express, like manual Review Express, is free.

Ready to set up your automated Review Express campaign? All it takes is three simple steps:

1. Access Review Express

Visit, type your property name and then select it from the box. If you’re not signed in to Tripadvisor yet, you’ll be prompted to log in or register at this point. Review Express is free to use, but you must be registered for your property on Tripadvisor to get started. 

2. Opt in to automated Review Express

From the Review Express home page, click the button in the “Automate” box. (Don’t see the “Automate” box? Check the Troubleshooting section below.) Review the information in the window including your connectivity provider and the terms of use – be sure to check the box next to each one. Then confirm the "from" address for your email campaigns and submit the form. Congratulations! Your connectivity provider can now begin sending data for automated Review Express emails, as soon as guests check out.

3. Configure your default message

Review Express allows you to set a default email template for each of the 20+ languages on the site. Automated Review Express sends that default email to addresses received from your connectivity provider. If you haven’t set a default, a standard Tripadvisor template is used. To set your default email for automated Review Express, go to the “Create Email” tab. Your default message will appear automatically – it will have an asterisk in its name. Use the "Edit" links to make any adjustments to the template on this page and then save it. Be sure the box that says “Save this as my default for [language]” is clicked – that will guarantee the message is sent for automated Review Express. If you regularly host guests who speak other languages, consider editing the default message in those languages as well. When your connectivity provider sends email addresses to Tripadvisor, it includes the guest language preference, and an automated Review Express email is sent in that language.

That’s it - you’ve completed set up!

Your automated Review Express emails will begin sending as soon as your connectivity provider delivers the email addresses of guests who have checked out. You can edit your default emails and monitor the status of your connectivity provider in the "Settings" tab. As always, you can measure the results of each Review Express campaign – both manual and automated – on the Dashboard tab. You can also use Dashboard results to make adjustments to your default message and maximise responses.

QUICK TIP: Automated Review Express emails can only be sent to addresses stored by your connectivity providers. To reach the rest of your guests, don’t forget to return to Review Express and upload their addresses manually.


If your accommodation isn’t able to sign up for automated Review Express, it could be that your connectivity provider is not certified. Please contact your provider to get connected.

To learn more about Review Express, click here.

  • 1. Tripadvisor Site Data, January 2014
Last Updated: 24 March 2014

Review Express Analytics in 5 minutes or less

Review Express Analytics in 5 minutes or less

When did you last have more than enough time to get everything done? If you can’t remember, then the Review Express Dashboard has been designed with your schedule in mind! In just five minutes, you can check these key indicators to see how your past campaigns performed and get ideas for new ones. Don’t believe it? Visit, select your property from the dropdown list, and start your stopwatch:

Minute 1: Take inventory

Review the cumulative stats on the total campaigns and emails sent, total opens and clicks, and the total reviews collected. Divide the number of opens by total emails sent to get your average open rate. For example, the average open rate here is almost 30%. Then do the same for clicks and reviews. Over time, make sure these metrics are trending up. If not, try out combinations of our 
Review Express tips to boost them.

Minutes 2 & 3: Scroll through recent reviews

Check out your recent reviews to see what’s going well at your property and what may need attention. Be sure to note the ones that need Management Responses later. If you don’t have recent reviews, the dashboard will provide some tips to try for future campaigns.

Minutes 4 & 5: Check campaign stats

Calculate your open rate (# Opens / # Sent), click rate (# Clicks / # Sent) and bounce rate (# Bounced / # Sent) for your last three campaigns. Are they better than your overall average from Step 1? If so, keep it up.

If your open rates are trending down, try varying your subject lines or sending your emails closer to when guests depart to make your messages more relevant to them. If your clicks are a problem, try including more personal messaging to guests. Don’t forget, a declining bounce rate is good because it means that more of your emails are being delivered. If this isn’t the case, focus on verifying your email addresses.

That’s it! Within five minutes, you’ll be ready to send another Review Express campaign that’s optimised based on your past campaigns (just click “Continue to send” to get started). Check out the Review Express dashboard at today!

Do bounces, clicks, AND opens have you seeing double? 

If so, here’s an email analytics cheat sheet:

Your overall Review Express history:

  • Total campaigns: Number of times you sent groups of emails to guests with Review Express
  • Total emails sent: Number of addresses you’ve mailed overall
  • Total opens: Number of Review Express emails viewed by users
  • Total clicks: Number of people who took action on all emails

For each campaign:

  • # Sent: Number of addresses mailed
  • # Opens: Number of emails viewed in the campaign
  • # Clicks: Number of people who took action on an individual campaign email
  • # Bounced: Number of emails that couldn’t be delivered


Last Updated: 17 January 2018

10 Tips to Get More Reviews With Review Express

10 Tips to Get More Reviews With Review Express

Over 80% of accommodations worldwide invite guests to submit reviews.1 Reminder emails are a great way to generate fresh reviews, build ongoing relationships with guests and potentially impact your popularity ranking. Don’t have an email programme in place? Tripadvisor’s Review Express, a free tool for sending reminder emails, can help!

1. Collect email addresses

Before guests depart, confirm that you have accurate email addresses on record.

2. Set guests’ expectations

Obtain permission to pass their details to Tripadvisor to facilitate review collection and tell them you'll be sending a Review Express email to collect their feedback.

3. Choose your “from” address wisely

Be sure it includes the name of the property or a key employee that is recognizable.

4. Use short and simple messaging

Shorter emails with clear, concise subject lines are most effective.  

5. Add custom touches

Include a signature with your name and role to make the email more personal.

6. Help your email get through

Avoid using multiple exclamation points and all capital letters in your subject line and message.

7. Avoid weekends and holidays

Send earlier in the work-week when people pay more attention to their email.

8. Send emails regularly

Ask guests for feedback within a few days of check out, when the experience is still fresh.

9. Say thank you

Use this opportunity to thank guests and encourage a repeat visit.

10. Test new things

Experiment with your “from” addresses, subject lines, messages and images.

Review Express Helps You:

  • Email up to 1,000 former guests at a time
  • Customise default messages in 20+ languages
  • Add images and save templates for later use
  • Automatically send follow up messages (optional)
  • Keep addresses secure ­— they’re only used for Review Express


  • 1. TripBarometer by Tripadvisor, an online survey conducted in Dec. 2012 – Jan. 2013 with 35,042 participants from 26 countries (
Last Updated: 31 July 2013

More Tools

Tripadvisor Reputation Pro: The Complete Guide

Tripadvisor Reputation Pro: The Complete GuideReady to build traveler confidence to book with you? Looking for ways to impact your bubble score and ranking on Tripadvisor and beyond? Read on to learn more about everything Reputation Pro can do for your accommodation business.

Reputation is the cornerstone of any hospitality business; 94% of travelers say reviews are an important decision-factor in choosing where to stay … and 77% are more likely to book a property with personalized review responses.1

Reviews have also become even more important as travelers want to know what conditions are like at your property right now.

You can’t afford to neglect your reputation, but managing it can certainly be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve developed Reputation Pro — to help you easily build traveler confidence in your property, motivating guests to book with you and increasing your visibility on Tripadvisor. To learn more about how you can add Reputation Pro to your Tripadvisor listing, click here.

Already signed up? Read on for best practices on how you can unlock the full power of Tripadvisor Reputation Pro for your business!

Step 1: Get started

Once Reputation Pro is activated for your business, each registered and verified owner of your Tripadvisor listing will have access to it. To get started:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Select your property from the list to access its Management Center
  3. Navigate to the “Reviews” tab to see Reputation Pro and all of its tools

Note — it’s possible that we may need to re-verify your access to your business on Tripadvisor. If that’s the case, please contact Customer Support to continue the verification process. To do this, head to Owner Support. Once there, add your name and property, select "Update Management Center Access" and then "Disable access for a registrant." Then use the text box to request a verification.

Step 2: Activate premium review collection

Reputation Pro does the work for you when it comes to collecting new reviews. To get started, just enable your providers. Then, if you’d like, you can customize your review requests and add private surveys....

Request a Free Tripadvisor Sticker

Request a Free Tripadvisor Sticker

Looking for a great way to show that you value guest feedback and encourage new reviews while still increasing footfall? Get a free Tripadvisor sticker for your front door, window or busiest area of your hotel, restaurant or attraction today by using our sticker request tool:

Show off your Tripadvisor Sticker

  • 67% of travellers check Tripadvisor a few times a month1
  • 75% of travellers prefer businesses with a Tripadvisor endorsement2
  • 89% of global travellers say reviews are influential when choosing where to book3

Please allow up to 6 weeks for the sticker to arrive by mail. Once you get it, we’d love to see it! Tweet a photo to @TripadvisorB2B using the hashtag #OnTripadvisor.

  • 1. Source: PhoCusWright study commissioned by Tripadvisor, December 2013
  • 2. Source: Tripadvisor member survey, October 2012
  • 3. Source: TripBarometer April 2014: Global Edition
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