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  • I would highly recommend this hotel to couples, families, friends, and anyone who wants a luxurious piece of nature at Lake Atitlan. It is a wonderful experience.
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  • Wonderful place, wonderful service
  • Just what we needed!
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  • Casa Bonita- Casa Santa Rosa Hotel Boutique
  • What a wonderful place!
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  • Charming Oasis Inn
  • Hidden Oasis
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  • Eco Friendly Paradise with a Beautiful Lake View
  • My Shangri-La: It Keeps Me Coming Back
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  • Excellent place and very aware with environment!!!
  • Lovely lodge with great service
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  • The only place to stay in Coban or in the surrounding area!
  • Simply Amazing
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  • Incredible views, peaceful getaway
  • Breathtaking!
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  • Amazing views from the rooftop deck
  • Comfortable and homey budget choice
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  • Such a lovely hotel in beautiful Antigua
  • Special in Every Way
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