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  • Still a gem, 100 years later.
  • Exceptional service
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  • What is there more to say... It was a lavish experience!
  • Great experience at the Hazelton!
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  • Still Our Home Away From Home in Vancouver
  • First class hotel in the perfect location
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  • 5th Stay In 7 Months Adelaide St. Regis Tops Them All
  • First visit since the name change
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  • Classic boutique luxury with outstanding service
  • Felt like Royalty
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  • Fabulous Experience
  • WOW factor!
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  • Everything We Dreamed of and More
  • Overwhelming!
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  • Beautiful Hotel Wonderful Staff
  • Amazing Hotel in an amazing city!
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  • Fantastic Hotel ... Terrific Service That Ritz is Known For
  • Another Excellent Stay at the Ritz-Carlton Toronto
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  • Probably the best hotel in Toronto
  • Excellent as usual.
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