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  • Excellent
  • Fantastic experience!
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  • Hospitality, views, food, wonderful place
  • An oasis in the desert - great spot
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  • Beautiful volcano views, friendly staff
  • charming place and wonderful hosts
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  • Lovely ski chalet in a great location!
  • Very nice place and in a beautiful area!
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  • Cozy, good food, even better wine and excellent host! / Acogedor, muy buena comida, mejor vino y un excelente anfitrion!
  • Muy lindo! Beautiful and cozy!
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  • Welcoming and very accommodating
  • My trip to Chile
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  • Wonderful! Nice restaurants, good food, I recommend it. You can enjoy the ocean too.
  • Absolutely stunning views and so much to do but best in the summertime
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  • Scenic, peaceful and perfect family place in Pucon
  • Quiet location to enjoy views over Lake Villarrica
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  • Feels like home
  • Very accommodating!
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