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  • Wonderful family holiday at Sani Club
  • One of the best experiences in our lives
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  • There is no better family holiday
  • Amazing stay - excellent hotel service by all!
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  • Outstanding Holiday once again...
  • Couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon!
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  • Great for a 1 week break. Lovely hotel
  • Back again & going back again 😎
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  • Absolutely brilliant.
  • Just perfect
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  • Amazing
  • Excellent stay
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  • Second time even better than first!
  • A real gem....
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  • Amazing resort, fantastic hotel
  • Porto Sani – Where the staff make you smile
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  • Your children (and adults) will love this hotel. It is brilliant.
  • Awesome Family Holiday
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  • The most perfect place ever paradise
  • Terrific hotel for family holidays
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  • the Marelen hotel
  • A wonderful, family holiday!
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  • Excellent hotel for my daughters wedding
  • Family holiday 2018
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  • The best family friendly hotel ever.
  • Our favourite ever family hotel
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  • Amazing. super clean. Best 5* AI i have been to so far
  • Amazing hotel!!
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  • Absolutely loved it.
  • Fantastic hotel
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  • Great holiday experience shame about the sun beds
  • Fabulous family holiday
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  • Fantastic all inclusive
  • Great family holiday
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  • repeated visits, always great holiday
  • A hotel worth visiting!
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  • Family Fun and true entertainment
  • Fun waterpark!
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  • Pure luxury in tranquil setting
  • Perfect!
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  • 🌟🌟Excellent, Excellent & more Excellent 🏅🌡🌞
  • A beautiful Hotel fully equipped
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  • Family Holiday 2018
  • August holiday 2018
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  • Perfect 2nd visit
  • Fantastic stay
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  • Excellent resort in some ways. Some serious lapses too.
  • 4th Visit, Gets better every time.!!
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  • Fantastic stay at Levante Beach
  • Thank you to Rich and the staff at Mark Warner Levante for a first class holiday
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