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  • Wonderful, relaxing stay in a great B&B in an incredible location
  • Excellent B&B with a great hostess
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  • Excellent Hotel in a great location
  • A true jewel half way on our 14 day trek
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  • Excellent Hotel surrounded by mountains!
  • In your shadow I can shine
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  • Excellent place, perfect location
  • great and convenient place to stay
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  • lovely Hotel,But not for Tourist
  • Very good experience
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  • Excellent location Great Breakfast
  • In the heart of the University
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  • Great hotel and super friendly staff
  • Marvelous views with lovely large rooms
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  • Cheap, cozy, nice and has everything you need!
  • Great location and staff
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  • Retour dans le temps mais très agréable
  • Stunning views, old-fashioned elegance
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  • Great price for the area and very comfortable!
  • Excellent, like all Ibis Hotels!
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