Independence is home to two must-see buildings.  Both are architectural masterpieces designed by famous firms.  The Community of Christ temple has one of the tallest spires in the U.S. (91 meters, 300 ft).  In Missouri, it is equal to St. Francis de Sales Church in St. Louis.  The building was designed by Gyo Obata, of HOK (Helmuth Obata Kassabaum), a global design firm.

Across the street from the temple building is the largest faith-based dome in the world.  Designed by Henry Chawner Smith in the 1920s and completed by the Kansas City architectural and engineering firm, Bloomgarten and Frohwerk, in 1960.

The interior spaces of both buildings are breathtaking and must be seen to be experienced and believed.  Also, the structures house two of the most remarkable pipe organ instruments in America.