America II is real sailing on an authentic America's Cup racing sail boat. At about $45 per person, you motor out to the trade winds (about 30 min from Lahaina) and then spend about 45 minutes on a wild ride healed over 45 degrees and splashing through the waves. The captain details the history of the boat, and tells a few jokes along the way.

The folks on the up side of the boat enjoy watching the lower side get soaked, but the roles are reversed on the return leg. You will get wet to very wet. Don't bring anything you're not willing to take swimming. A water proof one-time use camera is recommended.

Because this is a real sailing vessel, each trip will be different depending on the wind, but the captain will seek out the strongest winds (up to about 45 mph). Also, as a real sailing vessel, unless you and your kids are comfortable with real adventure, don't bring kids under 8. For that matter, if you'd rather a Disney-style comfort cruise, you should probably choose a tame ride like the Scotch Mist. But if you like a bit of adventure, the America 2 is the best adventure and the best value on Maui.