Taxis and Rental cars are both good options for getting around Lihue, however a taxi ride to an area outside of the city will be very expensive.

            Taking a taxi is good option for getting around while in Lihue, assuming that money is not a huge consideration. Although this option is rather expensive, it is also the most convenient form of public transportation.  There are numerous taxi companies based on Kauai, a few of which are located in Lihue.  Cabs can rarely (if ever) be hailed in the streets, so make sure to arrange for a pickup, calling at least a half hour before the desired pickup time.  The exception to this is at the airport where cabs congregate after the arrival of a flight.   Fares are non-negotiable, set by the state department, and are determined by meter.  For a list of companies serving Kauai, visit Kauai Taxis .

            Most visitors to the island of Kauai opt to rent a car.  This is the most convenient form of transportation, and because most people choose to explore much of the island, it ends up being the cheapest as well.  There are many agencies located on Kauai, and most have offices located near the airport.  For information about numerous rental agencies located on Kauai, visit Car Rentals .