The choices for public transportation in Lihue are fairly limited.  The three options are by bus, taxi or hitch hiking.

            Lihue is a small city and therefore only has one bus route servicing the area.  This is a comfortable option, as the busses are air conditioned and rarely crowded, but they are not very convenient.  The Lihue route is in operation Monday through Friday and runs once an hour, with the first pick up being at 8am and the last drop off being at 3:40pm.  There are no city bus services during weekends.  Visit Lihue Bus Route/Schedule for more information.  There are also busses that run from Lihue to other Kauai cities, and from other Kauai cities to Lihue.  Visit Kauai Busses for more information on these routes. 

           Taking a taxi is another option for getting around while in Lihue. This option is rather expensive but also convenient.   There are numerous taxi companies based on Kauai, a few of which are located in Lihue.   Fares are non-negotiable, set by the state department, and are determined by meter.   For a list of companies serving Kauai, visit Kauai Taxis .    

           Although never recommended, hitchhiking is fairly common on Kauai.   Hawaii is considered to be one of the safer places to hitchhike in the US.   Take that for what it’s worth.