Kauai is considered a year round destination, however the city of Lihue can be negatively affected by the weather during some months more than others.  

            Temperatures in Lihue remain fairly consistent throughout the year, but there is some variation.  The hottest months of the year are August and September, during which time the average high temperatures reach the mid 80’s.  The coldest months of the year are January and February, during which time the average low temperatures drop to the mid 60’s.  Bringing a coat to the island is never necessary, but a light jacket can be useful, as some evenings can be cool. 

            Lihue is on the rainy side of Kauai, so if planning on staying in this city, choosing the proper time of year to visit is important.  The wettest months of the year are November and December.  Nearly ten inches of rain falls on average during this span of time.  Note that even during rainy days in Lihue, dry weather can usually be found with a quick drive to the West side of Kauai.  The driest month of the year is June.

            For complete information about yearly temperature and precipitation averages, visit Lihue Weather .

            Another issue to consider when planning a trip to Lihue is what events will be taking place on the island.  Visit Kauai Festivals and Events for more information.