The earliest expeditions to the Jackson area covered miles on foot and on horseback, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Public transportation in Jackson can take you all the way up the mountains, down into the valley and back again. The inexpensive START bus, which stands for Southern Teton Area Rapid Transit, runs throughout the Teton area most hours of the day. Schedules, rates and maps can all be found at the START web site .

Taxis are another option, if you’re seeking more control over where and when you travel. Journey Taxis offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to start and finish wherever you choose. This is also a good choice if you’re tired of crowded tours: your taxi driver can give you a private, personalized tour of Jackson and the Valley. You can also drive yourself, which is especially convenient because all parking in the town of Jackson is free. If you plan on venturing out of town, you’ll want to check the list of road closures , and you may need chains or snow tires.

Since Jackson’s streets have only sparse traffic, biking is an effective and safe means of transportation. If you bring or rent a mountain bike, you can take guided tours of the valley, a treat for exercise buffs and sightseers alike. Teton Mountain Bike Tours offers a variety of packages that allow you to travel as far as you want.