The climate in Jost Van Dyke is subtropical and regulated by cool trade winds. The trade winds prevent the island from becoming overly temperate. Therefore, the weather in Jost Van Dyke varies very little from month to month. It is among its most precious commodities. The yearly average temperature is 27 º C (80.5 ª F).

Hurricane season is from June to October. Unfortunately, June and September are some of the ideal summer months to visit the British Virgin Islands. The average high temperature is 29º C at the height of the summer and it is slightly balmy outside in July and August. Keep a resort casual packing list during the summer.

The rainy season is from September to December,(or when ever it stops raining) but the rainfall is lighter compared to other islands. The weather rarely is cold during the winter. The average high temperature is 25º C. This is warmer than most other destinations in the world. This mild climate draws the highest number of visitors in the Caribbean.

In most cases, the high season lasts from December to May. Book in advance for the late winter months such as December, January, and February. New Years and Christmas are major yacht holidays. The spring is a also a busy  season for sailing, but will generally not detract from the overall travel experience.