Levanto is part of the Italian Riviera which automatically makes it a popular tourist destination. Tourists flock to this region whenever possible because it’s a place with a mild climate and lots of things to see and do. It’s also near the water, which makes it the perfect place for anyone who enjoys water sports or fishing.

Because it’s a tourist destination, there are several websites dedicated to promoting it to potential visitors. There are three top websites that can provide a huge amount of information: 

1)      The Regione Liguria website is provided in several languages and contains information about the region, tourist destinations, activities, transportation information, and lots of information that would be useful for anyone wanting to learn more about the area.

2)      The Turismo in Linguria website is also available in many languages and provides information on where to stay when in the area, what to do and see, and recommendations on how to get around town. It’s also a good website for anyone wanting to move to Levanto and find work there.

3)      The Italian Government also has a tourist board which contains information about Levanto. On this website is information about all regions of Italy including: how to get places, information about the cultures in various regions, where to stay in each city, recommended sightseeing tours, and information about the climate.