Any tourist visiting Levanto should not worry about being able to receive medical treatment in case of an emergency while in town. There are public and private hospitals and health centers that can be used by tourists if they are needed.

People who are residents of the European Union must obtain an E11 form prior to leaving their home country and traveling to Italy . The form can be used to obtain medical services in case of an emergency.

Residents of countries other than those included in the European Union can always utilize the public health facilities in Levanto in case of an emergency. Charges for the medical visit will have to be paid out of pocket, and they can be reimbursed by personal insurance companies once returning home.

The emergency phone number to dial for the police, the fire department, or an ambulance is: 118. This number can be dialed from any phone in the area.

There are many pharmacies in the Levanto area where tourists can get their prescriptions filled. It’s a good idea to bring all necessary medications on a trip to Italy , but in case an emergency prescription is needed, it will be available here. All prescriptions must originate from a doctor and pharmacies may not take out-of-area papers. Check with individual pharmacies for more information.