By Plane:

    Burlington International Airport has services to and from major cities like Boston, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Atlanta, among others. See for flight times and information, and to reserve tickets.

    By Train:

    Amtrak doesn’t make any Manchester stops, but you can take the train to one of the other Vermont stops and then rent a car or take public transportation to Manchester or the surrounding area. See for a list of Vermont stations and schedules.

    By Car:

    If you live in Vermont or one of the surrounding states, driving to Manchester is often your best bet. But be careful in the winter, with snowy and icy conditions making Vermont driving tricky and dangerous at times. Check with the Vermont Road Traveler Information site to get the scoop on the roadways when you need it: . Along the way you will no doubt see or stop by one of the welcome centers that give information about Vermont and Vermont travel. Check out their site at .