Manchester has charm for all seasons.

    Many think of Manchester as the quintessential Vermont town – cozy, surrounded by the beauty of the Green Mountains, with all the small community feel of a touristy yet authentic Vermont getaway spot. This town has a different feel through each of the seasons, as visitors come for different reasons to enjoy all it has to offer. But all the while it retains that charming atmosphere that makes it a Vermont classic.
    In the winter, Manchester becomes a skiers’ destination, as they crowd the small inns and hotels to partake of Bromley and Stratton Mountain’s downhill skiing, or Hildene’s cross-country trails. At night restaurants are crowded with these snow-adventurers of the day.
    When spring and summer roll around, a new brand of Manchester enthusiasts arrive, looking to enjoy the scenic hiking trails in the area. Fishers also come to learn or improve fly-fishing skills, while canoes head out on Battenkill River. Mountain bikes line mountain trails and roads, letting warm summer air whip about their faces as they explore Manchester. But while winter’s cold has subsided at this point, the cozy atmosphere still lingers. Cool nights make fireplaces not uncommon, and the small, secluded feel still hangs on.
    And finally, in the autumn, as summer’s warm days grow shorter and darker, the fall foliage is breathtaking, and Manchester is arguably at its best. The cozy feel has no better backdrop than stunning landscapes of gold, red, and orange painting the mountains. Now, more than ever, do the small inns become the perfect place to go for the ideal homey Vermont feel.
    Once you see Manchester’s staple white-steepled church against the mountains grandeur, you will know you have arrived in a place that will provide you with the comfortable Vermont experience that the state is known for.