Aside from the beach, Moody Gardens and museums, Galveston also offers the opportunity to spend some time fishing. There is the 61 Street Pier on the Seawall, The Pier in Seawolf Park, and the T-Head Fishing pier located at 90th and the Seawall.

Don’t forget that you will need to get a Texas fishing license before you can cast your reel. You can obtain a fishing license from the courthouse (733 Moody St) or try a sporting goods store or convenience store.

There is more information about the different fishing options in the link below:

Rod Bending Charters offers private fishing charters available 7 days a week to give you a great fishing experience in Galveston.  They offer many types of trips from bay and jetty to offshore.  If you are interested in a great fun filled day on the water visit their website at You can also call Jason at 409-599-0909 or Sarah at 409-599-0576.

Get Hooked Fishing Charters operates 7 private fishing boats with full time guides to put you on the fish!! Offering everything from bay/jetty fishing to overnight tuna trips and everything in between. Visit  for more info including trips and pricing or call Melody @ 409-698-7112 and allow her to find the perfect fishing experience for your group.

Wave Dancer Charters are federally liscensed and permitted and offer several excursions to fit your needs.  All trips are all inclusive including lunch on all offshore trips. All you need is a Texas fishing liscense. Check out . You can also call them at 409-988-8888.  

If instead of going out to get a license and bringing equipment, you would like to hire a fishing charter or guide, who will do all of the licensing for you, use a service like to find a charter or guide that suits what you are looking for.  Different charters offer different trips for a very wide range of prices.