Before Europeans ever stepped foot on the white sandy beaches of South Carolina the Waccamaw and Winyah Indians called it home. Little is known about these tribes but arrowheads, and a tribal burial mound have been found. Also near Wachesaw Plantation remains of a Indain village was found.

Most of the setters here before 1900 were famers, timbermen, and turpentine distillers. Most worked hard and made little money.

Around 1900, Burroughs & Collins Company, a timber-turpentine company with a lot of beachfront property started constructing a railroad to the beach. They also built the first hotel, the Seaside Inn. Can you belive oceanfront lots sold for $25 each at that time? Mrs. Burroughs named the town, Myrtle Beach because of the myrtle trees that grow there.