Charleston is a great place to be outdoors.  Many opportunities exist for getting great exercise by walking, biking, swimming, etc.  as there are miles of biking trails, really interesting and fun places to walk, lots of opportunities for various adrenaline sports, and all of the traditional activities you would expect in most cities.


1. The Area South of Broad Street - put on a pair of comfortable shoes, take a camera, and just go!  You don't need a map as anywhere you go in the peninsula south of Broad you're sure to encounter beautiful homes and gardens.   You could spend an hour or several hours seeing this charming area.

2. The Ravenel Bridge - finished in 2005, this bridge replaced a lower, more rickety bridge that kept Charleston and Mt. Pleasant "worlds apart".  Now, this bridge is not only easy to travel across but free and provides walkers, joggers, and bike riders their own safe lanes separated from the car traffic crossing the bridge.  There are parking areas available on either side of the bridge, and a newly completed walkway now connects the historic district with the entrance to the bridge on the Charleston side.  To cross and return would take approximately 5 miles.  For a shorter, 2 1/2 mile round trip, walk to the midpoint, enjoy the views of the dolphins, islands, lighthouses, container ships, Patriot's Point and historic downtown from the seating area while resting on the benches in the midpoint.  and turn around.  There is a water fountain on the Mt. Pleasant side.

3. The Beaches - Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms are great for walking on the north side of town; Folly Beach is to the south.  Either way - expect beaches that are wide (at low tide) and flat and "perfect" for walking, jogging, or even bike-riding. 


Fishing - General Info:         Charleston Fishing Info;         Licensing Information

1. Folly Beach Pier -  "Some of the best saltwater fishing" is done at Folly Beach Pier.  This site lists tournaments, fees and license information, and gives you an idea of what type of fish can be caught at the pier.

2. Ocean - Tide information - if you're planning a visit to the beaches, you will find that our beaches are most spacious at low tide.

3. Deep Sea - Family Tradition Charters, Aggressor Sportfishing (Shem Creek); Aqua Adventures (Shem Creek); Uncle Ducky Charters (Shem Creek); Water's Edge Fishing Charters (Shem Creek); Hot Shot Charters (Charleston, Ripley Light Marina)

4. Near Shore - Fin Stalker (Charleston, Ripley Light Marina)

5. Inshore - Fin Stalker (Charleston, Ripley Light Marina)


1. Rent your own boat - Tidal Wave Water Sports (Isle of Palms)

2. Go on a cruise - Carnival Cruise Line (limited departures);

3. Harbor and Sunset Cruises - Family Tradition Charters


Water/Beach Sports

1. Kayaking - Nature Adventures Outfitters (Shem Creek);

2. Surfing - Though there are many times that all of the beaches have some decent surf, Folly Beach has the most reliable waves.

3. KiteSurfing - Air (Mt. Pleasant)

4. ParaSailing - Tidal Wave Water Sports (Isle of Palms)