There is little to worry about regarding your health and safety while you are visiting Middletown, Rhode Island. Sunburns and water safety are the most important things to consider during your vacation time to the area. If you plan to be out in a boat, think safety: wear a life jacket. And don’t take a boat into the water if you are not sure how to run it. If you plan to head out to the beach, don’t forget the sunscreen! Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a third-degree burn earned on the beach because you forget to apply (or reapply) sunscreen in a prudent manner. If you plan to go swimming whilst at the beach, have someone remain with your belongings; stuffing a wallet into the back of a shoe is not much of a theft-deterrent. Keep careful watch of children at the beach, and always accompany small children into the water.

Traveling with traveler’s checques may make good sense if you are traveling for a while and don’t want to have to deal with huge wads of cash. Otherwise, consider using a credit or debit card while traveling; be sure to keep a listing of traveler checque serial numbers and any relevant airline tickets, credit card numbers, and the like separate from the originals. This will make your life much easier if the worst happens and your wallet or purse is stolen.

With just a little common sense, however, you shouldn’t have to face any such unfortunate incidents.