Middletown is located in the lower Narragansett Bay. The town's name is apropos, as it is located in the middle part of Aquidneck Island. The town of Middletown is located just a few miles from Newport. It was actually a part of the Newport until it was incorporated on its own in 1731. Aquidneck Island was one of the first colonial settlements in Rhode Island -- nearby Portsmouth was established in 1638 and Newport was founded a year later in 1639.

The Middletown Historical Society  works to preserve and protect a number of historical sites within the town, and during the summertime, several buildings and historical sights are open to the public, with tours given by volunteer docents from the society. Boyd's Wind Grist Mill is a restored windmill that was first built in 1810. The Paradise Schoolhouse was built in 1875.