The New Old Lompoc (Now The Lompoc Tavern) has a lot of history. It's name came from an old  W.C. Fields movie, "The Bank ___(nickname for Richard, slang for a cop)"  which was filmed primarily in "The Lompoc House", which was the local watering hole and also a boarding house. The New Old Lompoc opened in May 6th, 2000, but the fun actually started in 1993 and they began producing handcrafted ales and lagers in December of 1996 as The Old Lompoc Brewery.

 Note: The New Old Lompoc was demolished due to redevelopment in 2012 and The Lompoc Tavern reopened officially on May 16th, 2013 at it's new home  at 1620 NW 23rd Avenue with an aptly named and delicious Resurrection IPA. There is no longer a back deck, but there are large sliding doors that open out to NW 23rd Avenue and there are a few picnic tables in the front covered area to enjoy some food and grog in the afternoon sunshine when it arrives in Beervana.

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 The house ales are made locally in small batches and are all delicious. The C-note is a legendary Portland Imperial IPA with a healthy (6.9% ABV) combination of hops starting with the letter C and it has a nice citrusy finish. The Proletariat Red Ale is a favorite of locals (biscuit undertones and sweet malt flavors) and visitors to Beervana. The LSD (Lompoc Strong Draft) is a dark ale with a memorable smoky nose and has notes of licorice, dark chocolate, and toasted malt in it's flavor. Stout Out Loud, Kick Axe Ale (Timbers Army choice), and Fool's Golden Ale are great as well. Seasonal ales and the newly featured IPA of The Day offerings are a treasure while they last. Happy hour prices on drinks ($3.50 Lompoc drafts and $1.00 off cocktails- 4-6 and 10 to close daily) make this an affordable option for locals and travelers on a budget.They also offer non-alcoholic beverages, guest lagers and ales, and a hard cider option. They will gladly send you home with beer to go in 22 ounce bottles, a 32 ounce mason jar or a keg (one week's advance notice is  needed for reservation and availability of kegs- 503.288.3995).

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The food is still reasonably priced and simply amazing.They have small plates, soups, salads and sandwiches (like The Cubano) served with bread from the local Pearl Bakery. The Tavern Burger can be dressed with many options (gluten free bun on request and Gardenburger substitutions) and they also offer Fish and Chips.

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A local favorite new offering from their small plates is the Cuban Fritata Sliders- with chorizo and beef patties, frita mojo, shoestring fries, onion on a brioche bun.

The bar serves guest beers (Caldera Budweiser, Bud Light, Widmer Hefeweizen, wine and amazing mixed drinks as well with a "Bloody Mary Sunday" special ($3 all day). Televisions are tuned to sports (Boston Red Sox in baseball season) in the dining area. The 2 piece antique toilet with an elevated tank and chain from the old Men's room has been meticulously cleaned and is prominently displayed with a live plant in the bowl. Other recognizable artwork and memorabilia from the New Old Lompoc has been saved.

Overall, this is a clean and very enjoyable place for adults looking for a delicious craft brew and some great pub fare.