NOTE: Airport Construction. The first phase of Cleveland Hopkins Airport's rehabilitation project was completed in June 2016. The second phase is to begin in November 2016 and will last approximately one year. 

Recent Changes Include:

  • Security checkpoint B, in the center of the terminal, is now exclusively for TSA Pre-check security screening. Checkpoints A & C now have both standard and priority screening lanes, but no TSA Pre-check, except during extremely high peak times.
  • The shuttle for the Central Rental Car Center now picks & drops off next to Door 4 on Baggage Claim. Departing passengers must go up one level to check in and go through security to their gates. There are 2 elevators in the center of the Baggage Claim level to take you up to the Ticketing Level. There are also 2 escalators on either end of the Baggage Claim level (past baggage carousel #3 and #9) to go upstairs to the Ticketing Level. 
  • The valet parking has moved to its new permanent location on the Ticketing (upper) level at door 1 opposite the American Airlines ticket counter.  
  • The shuttle for hotels and off-site parking drops off and picks up in the Shuttle/Limo Lot, located on the west side of the Smart Parking Garage between the garage and the terminal on the south side (to the right if coming from the terminal). Access is via escalator or elevator in the center of the baggage claim level next to baggage carrousel #6. The only exception currently is the Airport-Oberlin Shuttle service which picks up passengers on the ticketing (upper) level outside door 3.
  • Passengers exiting the secure concourses now must exit at checkpoints B or C; A no longer has an exit.
  • The close-in Red and Blue parking lots are now open. Canopies over both lots and covered walkways to the terminals offer protection from the elements The airport-run Smart Parking Garage, Orange and Brown (offsite) Lots are additional parking options, as well as the shuttle lots on Snow Road, the airport Sheraton Hotel lot, or other airport hotel lots that offer free shuttle service to and from the airport. 
  • The Brown Lot parking shuttle now drops off and picks up passengers on the north end of the baggage claim level (at end of hallway near the USO lounge).
  • A designated Ride Share (Uber & Lyft) pickup location is in the Shuttle/Limo Lot on the north side (to the left if coming from the terminal).
Upcoming Changes Include:
  • A temporary screening location for checked luggage will be installed in the south end of the ticketing lobby. The screening machines, like those on the north end of the terminal, will be located between the Southwest and United ticket counters. During this construction period, passengers flying on Southwest, Jet Blue, Air Canada and United will need to take their tagged, checked baggage to the temporary screening location for clearance by the TSA. They can then proceed to the Security Screening Checkpoint for their personal screening. Once this project is completed by November 2017 all the screening machines that are currently located in the ticket lobby will no longer be needed, presenting a less cluttered appearance. Travelers should give themselves a bit extra time to complete this process. 

The  Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE), the oldest municipally owned airport in the United States, is located approximately 12 miles southwest of downtown Cleveland. Among the airport's many "firsts" in commercial aviation history, was the first direct train link from an airport to downtown in North America, opened in November 1968. It is highly recommended to take the Rapid Transit train (Red Line) to Tower City Center if you are staying downtown, unless you plan to rent a car. The "Rapid" is very accessible from the baggage claim area and not very expensive ($2.50, seniors with Medicare card $1.25-no transfers permitted-if you plan on taking 3 or more trips purchase an RTA day pass for only $5.50 ($2.75 for kids & seniors). 

To access the RTA station, there is a down escalator just beyond baggage claim carrousel #6, a staircase on the other side (beyond the Welcome Center), as well as an elevator opposite the down escalator that will take you right to the lower level. The Rapid station is approximately 30 feet ahead on the left. It is fairly well marked and says "Train to Downtown." There are two ticket machines at the entrance of the station where riders can purchase single and mulit-ride tickets, as well as all-day passes prior to boarding the train. Remember to hold on to your ticket, in case there is a random check by the RTA Police. The machines' user interface has been greatly simplified and it only takes a few steps to purchase tickets and fare cards. Both machines at the airport take credit & debit cards, while the one on the left will give you change (in dollar coins and/or quarters), while the machine on the right requires exact change if you are paying with cash. There is also a change machine to the left of the ticket vending machines. 

The public transportation system in Cleveland is adequate for getting around the downtown area, but if you need to head to the suburbs you should probably plan to rent a car. Car rentals are offsite at Hopkins airport, but there is a free shuttle from the baggage claim level (just past exit #4) to the consolidated rental car facility that runs continously, 24 hours per day. 

Cleveland traffic is not as bad as many other cities, but accidents, road construction and poor weather can cause delays; normal rush hour times also apply. From the airport, I-71 North will take you straight to downtown. 

Check with your hotel to see if there is a shuttle from the aiport.   No downtown or Cleveland Clinic area hotel has a regular shuttle service. All shuttle & limosine service must be pre-arranged. You can do this before your trip or use the kiosks on the bagage claim level to call authorized shuttle companies.  Click here for transportation companies authorized to wait for passenger pick-ups on airport grounds. Otherwise utilize a taxi (or public transit) to your destination. All taxis are dispatched from the taxi stand on the baggage claim level next to carousel #11.  Taxi fares from the airport are flat rates based on mileage and all cabs accept credit cards or cash. To calculate the taxi fare to the airport in advance, use the Cleveland Taxi Fare Finder.

The  Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport (BKL) is located in the downtown area. It is used by a variety of private and business aircraft.  Ultimate Air Shuttle, which promises "VIP travel for commercial rates," launched twice-daily scheduled charter service from Burke to  Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport on October 26, 2015.