Daintree is one of Australia 's premier birdwatching locations with many overseas and Australian birdwatchers coming here to go birdwatching.  With 430 bird species in Queensland's Wet Tropics (over 1/2 of Australia's bird species) it is easy to see why.
Daintree Village area offers varied habitats with rainforest, gallery forests, tidal flats, mangroves, wetlands, creeks, grasslands in which to see birds. Be crocodile wise and go birdwatching by boat or walk with an experienced guide.
A *third of Queensland's Wet Tropics endemics can be found in this sea level location, plus Black Bittern (summer), Great-billed Heron and Little Kingfisher from the Daintree River. Southern Cassowaries can be found on the north side of the river. Best birdwatching is done with early morning guided walks and boat trips. To get that early start why not stay at Red Mill House, Daintree Riverview Lodge & Camping Ground, Daintree Village B&B or Daintree Village Hideaway the night before.

*The remaining two thirds of the Wet Tropics endemics can be found in the Atherton Tablelands at altitudes of 400 metres or more.  

  Blue-winged Kookaburra