Do you really need 10 reasons to go to port MacDonnell?  Well, here they are:

 1 Something that has been overlooked is the Car museum of Donald & Sheila Feast on Lower Nelson Road. Why this is not mentioned is beyond  imagination . This private museum would have to be the best Car and Memorbilia museum in Australia by far.So what are you waiting for

2 Port MacDonnell isn’t as crazily overcrowded at the nearby Beachport and Robe.

3. Watch the fairy penguins from the Cape Northumberland viewing deck as they make the journey ashore. The Cape is a great place to walk around at any time.

4. The accommodation is top shelf but without the expensive price tags. Just check out located on Sea Parade.

5. You’re only a stone’s throw from Mt Gambier, South Australia’s second largest city. You can even stop in for a cold beer or wine at the Bellum Pub halfway between Mt Gambier and Port MacDonnell.

6. Port MacDonnell locals are super welcoming and go out of their way to ensure you love your stay.

7. The seafood at Periwinkles Port MacDonnell café is simply divine. Caught fresh daily between October and May, it’s delicious matched with local wines.

8. If you want to go for a drive the world famous Coonawarra wine region is just a relaxing hour drive away.

9. You can snorkel, surf, cave dive, fish and more.

10. There are so many compelling, historical stories that will keep you captivated for hours whether they are about the port or the wool wash.

10a. The rugged Port MacDonnell coastline makes for amazing photo opportunities, especially at twilight when the sinking sun dances along the cliffs.

10.b. Visit Dingly Dell, home of Adam Lindsay Gordon - Australia's National Poet.

10.c. Visit the Maritime Museum found inside the visitor center.