Manchester is a fairly large city with public transportation, but driving your own car is still quite convenient. The car rental agencies that are available from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport are Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National, Thrifty and U-Save. To get around town, there are also several taxi companies available as well as a few sedan services. There are also shuttle vans and charter buses available for rent. Try Flight Line (800-245-2525), Thomas Transportation Services (800-526-8143), Hampton Shuttle (800-225-6426) or Mermaid Transportation Company (800-696-2463).

Public transportation is available in the form of buses from the Manchester Transit Authority, which runs 14 lines. Some of them only run on Monday through Friday, and buses do not run on Sunday. During the week, buses usually start around 6am and end at 6pm; on Saturdays, these hours are reduced to around 8 or 9am to 4pm. Buses usually only come hourly, so it is important to verify schedules and plan accordingly if you take the bus. Do not plan on taking the bus to go to or come from the airport, as they only run Monday through Friday and there are only 4 services (two around 7 in the morning and two around 4 in the afternoon).