Jackson, New Hampshire and the area around the White Mountain is fairly remote. Located in the upper part of the state, the nearest major highway is Interstate 93. From exit 23 on I-93 it is about 65 miles to Jackson. The nearest commercial airport is in Portland, Maine. This medium sized airport offers direct flights from Boston, New York City and other major destinations on the Eastern Seaboard. Visitors flying from further away will likely have to connect through Boston or New York, but the small airport offers quick deplaning, so you can get through baggage claim quickly.

There is no public transportation in the White Mountain area, and while cabs are available at the Portland airport, it is about 75 miles away, so the fare can be quite hefty. Renting a car might be a better option, and several rental car agencies are located in the bagged claim area.

The other option to get to Jackson is drive. The city is about 73 miles from Portland, and about 150 from Boston and 350 from New York City. The roads are generally well maintained, and even in the winter are well serviced. But after a major snowstorm, which can hit the reason several times during the long winter, the going can be slow, even on the major roads such as I-93.