The Stratosphere Tower was built in 1996 by Bob Stupak. It is 1,149 feet tall or 350 meters tall. When it first opened, it had two thrill rides: The High Roller, a roller coaster that went around the dome of the tower, and The Big Shot, a slingshot on the roof.

In 2002, the owners proposed a roller coaster that would go from the edge of the tower to the street below.  The project was not approved by the city due to severe complaints from the people who live right behind the property.

In 2003, the Xcream was added on the edge of the tower. In 2005, Insanity was added to the opposite edge of the tower.

In December of 2005, the High Roller was removed due to unpopularity for being too slow. There have been no official plans for its replacement. Both the Xcream and Insanity have been infamous for stopping in the middle of their runs due to strong winds.  (Note: For safety reasons, both rides are designed to stop in case of strong winds}