The Deuce Double Decker Bus - Las Vegas Strip website provides comprehensive information about the schedules, fares, route maps and photos of the buses.

The Deuce is a city bus that travels from the Downtown - Fremont Street area to the south end on the Strip and back again.
There are stops along the way near most of the major casinos, and at the Town Square Mall and Las Vegas Discount Mall.

You can also use your Deuce pass on other city buses.

The good things about it:

  • It is relatively cheap, with a 2 hour pass for $6, a 24-hour pass for $8 or 3-day pass for $20. Purchase a pass at a ticket vending machine (TVM). 
  • You can get on and off along the way and use it to skip from casino to casino
  • It is a double decker and the view from the top is very cool.
  • It is heated and air conditioned.
  • A leisurely trip: use it if you have the time but not if you are in a hurry.
  • The bus terminates at the Mandalay Hotel for its return trip. From there or anywhere along the Strip you can use your Duece ticket to board the One bendybus, and it will take you 2-1/2 miles further to the Las Vegas Retail Outlet, which offers brand name clothing much cheaper than on the Strip. It does not cost any extra to change busses.

Bad things about it:

  • It is slow, sometimes painfully so, because it travels down congested Las Vegas Boulevard aka the Strip.
  • It is also very hard to board mid-strip so try to board at either side of the strip near the North or South ends;  you can get on quicker. Otherwise it often passes you by because it is already full.
  • If going downtown, count on a trip of up to an hour.

Where to catch it:

  • Downtown on the corner of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard; the stop is designated.
  • On the Strip, at designated stops, but some may be closed due to construction. 
  • At the Downtown Transit Center where it starts -  no crowds and plenty of seats if you get on there!   Just proceed north along the street that runs along the side of Binion's and it's about 2 blocks from Fremont Street.

If you are a frequent visitor to Las Vegas and age 65 or older whose visits are at least 4 days at a time, go to the Downtown Transit Center and apply for a Senior Transit ID Card.  You will receive it in your mail at home within 10 days.  Then, the next time you are in Vegas, go to the Transit Center and pay $25 (as of March 2009) for a Senior monthly pass (if you use the Deuce or other buses more than 3-4 days, it will save you money).  Or, in lieu of the 30-day pass, show the Senior ID on the Deuce and other buses and pay half fare. 

 Unlike most major cities, the 30-day bus pass in Las Vegas is for 30 consecutive days from the date and time of first use rather than for a fixed monthly time period (January, February, etc. for example).