This trail walks you through a beautiful and wild stretch of land including old growth White Pines with vistas on both sides of  the largest sandbar in the largest of the Great Lakes. 

CAUTION:  As beautiful as this trail is however locals do not use it until it is well covered in snow due to the area being completely infested with poison ivy. Much of the trail is covered so thickly that a walker is unable to take a step without coming in contact with the plant. It is recommended that you use extreme caution and be particularly careful if taking your dog. Getting the oil from the plant on your shoes, clothing or on the dog's coat can lead to spreading the oil throughout your car and home before you realize that what has happened. This can put highly sensitive family members or guests at risk even if you do not personally react to the plant.

 Due to this hazard it is highly recommend visitors stay on the beach when visiting during the spring, summer and fall and off of the trail