With its harsh winter weather, it's understandable that the winter population of Chatham is sparse: a little over 6,600. But in the summer months, when all is thawed, and balmy ocean breezes blow, watch out! Then, the population rises to between 30 and 40,000. This number is composed of Chatham's owners of vacation homes, and a good many tourists. So, what kind of public transportation does the area have? It better be good with that many people! 

The railroad in Chatham was abandoned long ago, and only a hiking trail remains where the train once chugged through. Taxi companies galore service the area, and the  Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority offers b-bus service, a door-to-door, ride-by-apointment service that will pick you up for any reason: shopping, visiting, appointments, anything. The service offers one-way fares and passes. All transportation services and schedules expand in the summer months to accomodate the larger volume of people.

Water taxis (or shuttleboats), ferries, and boat rentals will take you to islands, such as Monomoy, spotting the waterscape around Chatham. Go here for schedules and fares.

There's only one way to Chatham by land, and that's east. Once you're on the elbow of land where Chatham is situated, you're surrounded by the ocean blue. Try to avoid the heaviest tourist season (mid-summer) if you can, and thus the most traffic congestion, which is bound to occur in such conditions.