Chatham is a fairly easy town to navigate but getting around during the summer months can get stressful. One of the most popular ways of traveling around town is by bike and foot. Many attractions are within a short bike ride or walk from downtown such as the Chatham A's baseball field, Chatham Light, Lighthouse Beach and Oyster Pond.

If you are planning a visit to downtown Chatham and you are staying in or near downtown leave your car at home because driving through downtown can get quite tough and finding parking can be hard. If you have to have a car though there are a number of parallel parking spaces all along Main Street that are free of charge (no meters!). In addition there are a number of parking lots downtown located at the following locations:

1. Colonial Building Parking Lot (near the Rotary with an entrance off of Stage Harbor Road and off of Main Street near Benjamin Franklins

2. Town Hall Lot on Main Street

3. Chatham Bars Avenue Lot with an entrance behind the Impudent Oyster just off Main Street

4. Chatham Elementary School / Veterans Field Lot which is right near the rotary downtown

Notes on driving in downtown Chatham: During the summer the streets get very cramped. Drivers need to be aware of their surroundings as there are people walking all over the place and cars entering and exiting parking spaces. Also remember that it is a MA state law to yield to pedestrians in the cross walk

Notes on biking in downtown Chatham: Bikes are not allowed to be riden through downtown during the busy season because there is simply not enough room. Bikers are asked to walk there bikes through the downtown area for their safety.

If you are planning a trip over to some other of the towns attractions there are a few other town parking lots which are free to use:

1. Chatham Light/ Lighthouse Beach: There are a number of spaces here but there is a 30 minute limit and during the busy summer months police may come by and check how long you have been there. For a small charge there is the Eldridge Taxi parking lot at 365 Main Street.

2. Oyster Pond: Just steps from the Rotary downtown this parking lot is for people heading to Oyster Pond.

3. Community Center: There is also parking behind the community center on Depot Road.