Chatham is a very safe community. The towns population swells from around 6,000 to more then 30,000 in the summer months with many visitors coming from the Boston area, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey as well across the nation and the world. With this in mind it is always better to be safe then sorry when taking safety precautions.

 When the towns population increases in the summer there are people everyone keeping an eye on the town meaning keeping it safe.

Chatham has its own police department which has everything from cruisers to motorcycles to bicycles that it uses to keep the town safety.

 Another area of safety is water safety. Chatham is home to a United State Coast Guard Station which is housed on the grounds of the Chatham Light. The coast guard works to keep people and their vessels safe while in the waters which can change daily.

When swimming it is important to:

1) Make sure you have someone swimming with you, never swim alone

2) Bring a cell phone in case of an emergency.

3) Always be aware of your surroundings when swimming: Know how deep the water is, read posted signs and keep an eye on when the tide comes in

4) See if there is a lifeguard on duty: town beaches have lifeguards but some popular places like Lighthouse Beach are not town beaches and thus do not have lifeguards.