Most people like to travel to any city in South Florida during the winter months because it provides a nice break from the cold and snowy weather that many other parts of the world encounter from October through March each year.

Several “snowbirds” travel to the Palm Beach area during these months to escape the tough Northeastern winters, and then they return home during the hot summer months in South Florida, which usually start in March or April and last until September or October.

Just because there are some months which see a huge influx of visitors doesn’t mean that tourism is not popular all year round in Palm Beach. The hotels and the nightclubs are usually packed during all months of the year, but hotel rates tend to be lower during the hottest summer months.

The summers in South Florida can be very hot and humid, but any hotel located on the ocean usually receives a great breeze, especially at night. There’s nothing like walking to a restaurant and sitting outside to eat dinner – while wearing a tank top and flip flops during the middle of January!

Because of the year-round warm weather, outdoor sports can be enjoyed almost every day of the year… golf, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, biking, and everything else imaginable.