Why does one call Deerfield Beach a Paradise? Once you live here or visit our area you will understand. Not only do we have one of the finest beaches in Florida but it is a famous walking beach. Any time day or night you will see walkers from all walks of life just enjoying the beautiful ocean as they gaze at the waves splashing upon the beautiful sands. You think Key West has a beautiful sunrise, see ours. Or watch the moon come out of the Ocean and drift across the sky.

You can take a walk out on the fishing pier and enjoy an ocean breeze or catch your own dinner.  Rent a bike or a little 2 seater car, or rent even a surf board to catch some waves.  You can eat at any of the restaurants on A-1-A just in front of the pier . We have in a two block area an Italian, A Mexican, seafood, snacks, ice cream, and price ranges to fit your spending needs. Not just one of each kind but your choice of many eateries.

If you feel like walking over the Hillsbourgh bridge crossing the intra coastal you will come to a famous crab restrauant or eat out on the intra coastal while watching the boats go by.  Less than a quarter of a mile from A1A you can go North or South and find any kind of eatery you prefer. Dont forget we are only a mile from Boca Raton which houses some of the best restaurants in the area.

Your night life , what ever you prefer. any type of club, from dance to shows are within 25 minutes of Deerfield Beach.  Parks galore for the kids from water parks to water skiing. Fishing boats within minutes of A1A. From fire work displays to fireman challenges, to little street fairs to boat races whatever you desire can probably  be had in Deerfield Beach.  Want to see some of  the most expensive homes in the country? Ride south on A1A from Deerfield Beach and see homes in the enormous millions. Even the yachts are untold millions parked in front of thier ocean front Mansions.

Just a quarter mile south of the Fishing Pier is a beaurtiful area with a huge deck on and overlooking the ocean. This is for public use and also a perfect spot to get married at. You see weddings here all the time. Their are businesses that set up chairs, flowers , alters, any thing you need for your perfect wedding.

For your Honeymoon you need not go more than a couple of hundred feet to get to your honeymoon suite at any of the fine resorts in Deerfield Beach.  Less than a quarter of a mile in the Cove is a large hall for your reception that holds hundreds of your guests and the food is delicious.

Remember when you come to our beautiful Deerfield Beach make sure you call the Chamber of Commerce to see what is happening in the area for you and your family to enjoy. Most of the time its free.

For beach conditions and other information for the Deerfield area go to   www.deerfield-beach.com