Evening dining in Rehoboth Beach offers travelers a wide variety of quality choices, but breakfest is a different story.  With fewer restaurants open in the morning, think beyond scabbled eggs, bacon & toast. Grab a cup of coffee and a pastry at one of the bakeries, such as the Bake Shoppe at 222 Rehoboth Avenue, or Futty Dutty's on First Street. Lingo's Market at First and Baltimore has pastries, too. Jump the ocean, figuratively, with a crepe from Cafe Papillon in Penny Lane, and grab a seat at one of the outdoor table, but don't overlook the especially fresh croissants. For lots of families, Royal Treat on Wilmington Avenue becomes a summer tradition. It's one place where the kids can get french toast. Surprisingly, the Starboard in nearby Dewey (at 2009 Highway One) has a great breakfast. Sure, the bar is known for the hard partying crowd at night, and the ambiance is hardly polished, but this place serves a breakfast that will fill a belly. And for those who want their first meal of the day served on china with a view of the ocean, there's always Victoria's at the Boardwalk Plaza Hotel.