Before posting questions on the Forum, look at the following:

1. The website of the Los Angeles Visitors Bureau

2. The "Top Questions about Los Angeles" section, here on Trip Advisor (look for the link at the top right of most Trip Advisor "Los Angeles Forum" pages).

3. Buy a travel guide or borrow one from the library. Popular guidebooks (which are all available on line as well in book shops) include:

a. DK Eyewitness (a British publication with detailed maps that show the metro rail stops superimposed on the street maps)

b. Fodors

c. Let’s Go

d. Lonely Planet

e. Frommers

f. Rick Steve's

4. Look up previously-discussed questions that are similar to yours (since most questions have been asked already). Here’s how to look up questions that were previously-posted on the Forum. From any LOS ANGELES FORUM page, look for the ‘SEARCH IN’ box. (It’s usually below the NARROW green horizontal stripe that is near the BOTTOM of the first screenful of info). A little magnifying glass is at the rightmost end of the ‘SEARCH IN’ box. Put KEYWORDS into the ‘SEARCH IN’ box that best describe your question. For example, for ideas of what to do with kids in Los Angeles, put in




or try


After entering the KEYWORDS, and clicking the magnifying glass, you will be presented with a list of links that deal with these topics. The links are not listed in chronological order; they are listed in order of RELEVANCE. That is, Trip Advisor, tries to pick out past discussions that are most relevant to your KEYWORDS. These might be discussions that are 1 or more years old.

If your question is one that requires RECENT information, do the following when you are presented with the aforementioned list of links:

On the drop-down menu that appears in the upper-right corner of the list of links (it is marked “sort by -- relevance”). Click on it and change it to DATE. The list will re-sort with the most recent discussion appearing at the top of the list.

If your question is not “time sensitive”, leave the list sorted by relevance.