The following hotels and apartments have some rooms that can accommodate 5 to 10 persons.  Check with each property to determine what the sleeping configuration is.  Some accommodations are in the form of a suite of rooms which might include one or more separate bedrooms.  Some properties use queen-size beds; others supplement queen beds with sofabeds or rollaway beds (cots). 

The properties are listed by neighborhood.  Keep in mind that the Los Angeles Metro area is enourmous with dozens of neighborhoods.  The neighborhoods that are popular with visitors are listed below, each with a list of properties that can accommodate 5 to 10 persons in a room. 

To help you navigate the L.A. Metro Area more easily, neighborhoods are clustered into the following zones:

a. Neighborhoods on the northern edge of the city of Los Angeles

b. Neighborhoods at the western edge of city of Los Angeles (these are beach communities or communities near beach communities)

c. Central Los Angeles

d. Downtown Neighborhoods (near the eastern edge of the city of Los Angeles)

e. Neighborhoods near LAX (to the southwest of central Los Angeles)

Here's a cartoon map of the metro area that might help you decide where you'd like to stay:

The star-rating of the properties is listed below.  The rating ranges between 1-star (very, very basic) to 5-star (ultra luxurious).  Most visitors stay in either 2-star (basic) or 3-star (moderate) hotels.


                       HOTEL AND VACATION RENTAL LISTS

A. Neighborhoods near the northern edge of the city of Los Angeles:


Properties in the San Fernando Valley (a suburb north of the center of the City of Los Angeles)

1. Courtyard Los Angeles/Sherman Oaks, 15433 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks (3-stars)

2. Garland Hotel, 4222 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood (3-stars) -- free shuttle to Universal and the Universal City metro rail station which are just north of Hollywood and just south of North Hollywood.  Note: North Hollywood (where the hotel is located) is a different neighborhood than Hollywood.

Universal City area

Nite Inn at Universal City, 10612 Ventura Boulevard in Studio City (2-stars). Within walking distance to Universal Studios.  Their Connecting Suites will accommodate up to 8 people. 

Burbank (east of the San Fernando Valley -- northeast of Hollywood):

1. Courtyard Burbank Airport, 2100 W Empire Ave, Burbank (3-stars)

2. Best Western Plus Media Center Inn & Suites, 3910 Riverside Drive, Burbank (3-stars). Good alternative to Hollywood. Floorplans vary as far as bed size and type and there may be age limits on the children.  Check with the hotel.

3. Residence Inn Burbank Downtown, 321 S. 1st Street,Burbank (3-stars)

4. Hampton Inn & Suites Los Angeles Burbank Airport, 7501 North Glenoaks Boulevard, Burbank (3-stars)

Glendale (east of the Burbank -- north of Downtown L.A.):

1. Rodeway Inn Regalodge. 200 W. Colorado St, Glendale  (2-stars)

Pasadena (east of the Glendale -- northeast of Downtown L.A.)

1. Comfort Inn Near Old Town Pasadena, 2300 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles (2-stars).  Sleeps 6 with sofabed.


B. Neighborhoods at the western edge of city of Los Angeles (these are beach communities and those nearby):


Properties in the city of Santa Monica -- Northernmost beach neighborhood adjacent to the city of Los Angeles (very popular and expensive)

1  Ocean View Hotel in Santa Monica (4-stars)

2. Comfort Inn Near Santa Monica Pier, 2815 Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica (2-stars).  Sleeps 5 or 6 -- Note: in spite of its name, the hotel is not near SM Pier; it's about 1.5 miles/2.4 kms from it, easily accessible by public transit.

3. Doubletree Suites in Santa Monica (3-1/2 stars)

4. Georgian Hotel (4-stars). You cannot book 5 or 6 people online for this hotel.  You must call them to make the booking.  The phone number for the hotel is: +310-395-9945.  Ask for reservations.  (The DIRECT phone number for reservations is 800-538-8147 but phone numbers beginning with '800' might not be accessible from phones outside of the U.S.).  The 5 or 6 guests will be accommodated via a variety of 'bed types'.  Please ask the reservations agent for a description of the beds being offered for this kind of accommodation so there is no confusion upon your arrival.

Brentwood (Westside neighborhood inland -- away from -- the beach community of Santa Monica)

1. Hotel Angeleno (3-1/2-stars)

Westwood (Westside neighborhood just east of Brentwood)

1. Hotel Palomar -- Westwood (4-stars)

West LA (Westside neighborhood just south of Westwood)

1. Best Western Royal Palace Inn & Suites (3-stars). Good for those looking to stay on the westside.

Century City (Westside neighborhood just east of West L.A.)

1. Courtyard Los Angeles Century City/Beverly Hills, 10320 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles (3-stars).

Venice (Beach neighborhood to the immediate south of Santa Monica)

1. Rodeway Inn near Venice Beach, 11933 Washington Blvd. W. (.75 miles / 1.2 km) from Venice Beach (2-stars)

2. Su Casa at Venice Beach (available on  The 4-bedroom beach cottage sleeps up to 10 people.

Marina del Rey (Marina with small beach to the immediate southeast of Venice just north of LAX)

1. Marina del Rey Hotel (3-stars)

Culver City (Westside neighborhood inland -- east of -- Marina del Rey)

1. Ramada Culver City (2-stars)


C. Neighborhoods in Central Los Angeles:


Beverly Hills (The very center of the Los Angeles Metro area)

1. Beverly Hills Plaza (3.5-stars) -- adjacent to Beverly Hills (no shopping or dining in the immediate area so you'll need a car or be willing to take a 4-minute bus ride into Beverly Hills.  Their 1-bedroom 'double suites' come with 2 'full size' beds (slightly smaller than queen beds but designed for 2 persons) in the bedroom.  There is a living room, kitchen and dining room -- about 800 sq ft / 75 sq meters.  You can request a 'rollaway bed' (cot) for $30/night that can be added to the living room.  You might be able to request 2 of these which would accommodate a total of 6 persons.  Contact the hotel directly to book the rollaway beds. Note: you must book the 1-bedroom double suite or 1-bedroom king suite (1 king bed instead of 2 'full size' beds in the bedroom) if you want additional rollaway beds.  Their standard rooms cannot accommodate rollaway beds.

2. Residence Inn Beverly Hills on 1177 S. Beverly Drive -- just outside of Beverly Hills. (3-stars)  Note; you'll need to book a 2-bedroom floor plan in order to accommodate 5 or more people. It has a queen bed in each room plus a sofabed in the living room.  This floor plan  only appears on the hotel's website: (from the 'home page', locate the property by searching in Beverly Hills, CA).

West Hollywood (just north and east of central Beverly Hills.  Most properties are on or near the "Sunset Strip")

1. BW Sunset Plaza -- Sunset Strip (3-stars)

2. West Hollywood Beauty Laurel #1 (3-stars).  Available on  The 2-bedroom apartment will accommodate 6.

Central L.A. ( just east of central Beverly Hills between the Farmers Market/the Grove and the Beverly Center Mall -- or nearby)

1. Park Plaza Lodge Hotel (2-stars)

Hollywood (east of West Hollywood, northwest of Downtown Los Angeles)

1. Quality Inn Near Hollywood Walk of Fame, 1520 N. LaBrea Av (2-stars)

2. Rodeway Inn Hollywood, 6826 Sunset Boulevard (2-stars)

3. Comfort Inn Near Hollywood Walk of Fame, 7051 Sunset Blvd (2-stars)  Sleeps 6 w/sofabed.

4. Rodeway Inn, 777 N. Vine St. (outer area of Hollywood) (2-stars)

5. Comfort Inn Near Universal Studios Hollywood, 321 North Vermont Ave, outer area of Hollywood. (2-stars)  Note: in spite of the hotel's name, the hotel is not near Universal Studios but, like most Hollywood hotels is within a short metro rail ride to it)

6. Orchid Suites (behind the Hollywood & Highland Center Mall in central Hollywood) (2-stars)

7. Hollywood Celebrity Hotel (also behind the mall). (2-stars)

8. Holiday Inn Express -- Hollywood Walk of Fame. (2-1/2-stars)  You may need to arrange for a 'rollaway bed' (cot) to accommodate more than 4 persons in a room.  Some rooms have sofabeds as part of the bed count and will sleep 6 (2 queen beds and a sofa bed).  Free internet and breakfast.

9. Magic Castle Hotel (3-stars) Has a limited number of 2-bedroom suites.  Contact the hotel directly as these 2-bedroom suites are not always listed on their website or other travel websites.

10. Hollywood Panorama Suites Apartment, 1522 North Gordon Street. (3-stars) Available through  The 2-bedroom apartment sleeps 6.

11. Sunset Gardens Apartment, 1522 North Gordon Street. (3-stars)  Available on  The 2-bedroom apartment will accommodate 6.

12. California Jewel Apartment, 1522 North Gordon Street, Hollywood. (3-stars)  The 2-bedroom apartment will accommodate 6. Other similar  apartments available at this address include: California Emerald Apartment, Hollywood Scorsese Apartment, Hollywood Jackson Apartment, California Crown Apartment

13. #3 Sunny Stylish 2BR Flat Hollywood, 6010 Romaine St. (3-stars)  Available through  On the edge of Central Hollywood.  The 2-bedroom apartment can accommodate up to 7 persons.

14. Hollywood Apartel, 1714 N McCadden Place, (3-stars)  Available on The 2-bedroom floorplan can accommodate up to 7 persons. Also available at that address, a similar apartment: Hollywood Orion Apartment

15. Hollywood Hills Suite, Hollywood Boulevard at Fuller Avenue. (3-stars)  Available on The 2-bedroom floorplan can accommodate up to 7 persons.

16. Sunset Suites Apartment, 6715 Hollywood Boulevard (3-stars).  Available on  The 2-bedroom floorplan can accommodate up to 7 persons.  Also, available at that address, a similar apartment: Ray W. Suites

17. Hudson Apartel, 6533 Hollywood Boulevard. (3-stars).  Available on  The 2-bedroom floorplan can accommodate up to 7 persons.

18. Historical House Vacation/Film/Event, 8021 Rothdell Trail, Hollywood Hills. (4-stars). VILLA in the Hollywood Hills (A car is needed -- not near public transit).   Available on  The 4-bedroom floorplan can accommodate up to 8 persons.


D. Properties in Downtown Neighborhoods (near the eastern edge of the city of Los Angeles):


Downtown (NOT centrally-located.  Downtown is near the EASTERN edge of the city of Los Angeles)

1. Rodeway Inn Convention Center, 1904 W. Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles (2-stars)

2. Comfort Inn City Center, 1710 West 7th Street, Los Angeles (2-stars)

3. Figaro Suites, 1361 South Flower Street, Downtown LA. (3-stars) Available on  The 2-bedroom suite can accommodate up to 6 persons.

4. Omni Hotel Los Angeles, 251 S. Olive St, Los Angeles (4-stars) -- Contact the hotel to arrange for 2 adjoining standard rooms.  This will give you the abilitiy to accommodate up to 8 persons.  Only the hotel's own reservation service can arrange this.  If you can't find a reservations phone number in your area, phone the hotel directly at +213-617-3300 and then ask for Reservations.


E. Neighborhoods near LAX (the International Airport):


Near LAX (southwest of the city of Los Angeles)

1. Custom Hotel near LAX (3-1/2-stars) -- north of the airport

2. Embassy Suites Los Angeles - International Airport/North -- east of the airport (3-1/2 stars)

3. Embassy Suites Los Angeles - International Airport/South  -- south of the airport in the city of El Segundo (3-1/2 stars)

4. Hyatt Place LAX El Segundo -- south of the airport in the city of El Segundo (3 stars): Offers Family Rooms with 2 queen beds and a sofabed accommodating up to 5 people.

5. Hyatt House Los Angeles / El Segundo -- south of the airport in the city of El Segundo (3 stars): Offers 2-bedroom suites that accommodate up to 6 persons.Each bedroom has a queen bed and the living room has a sofabed.

Southbay -- Beach Communities south of LAX (further from the city of Los Angeles than the above hotels)

1. Manhattan Beach Marriott, 1400 Parkview Avenue, Manhattan Beach

2. Sea View Inn, 3400 Highland Av, Manhattan Beach -- Many floor plans, some with 3 queen beds others with 2 queen beds plus a sofabed.

3. Residence Inn Manhattan Beach, 1700 N Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach - 2 bedroom/2 bath Penthouse Suites (townhouse) allows 5 people in the room.

4. TownePlace Suites, 14400 Aviation Blvd, Hawthorne -  2 bedroom/1 bath suites that allow 5 people in the room.


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