The most popular tours on Easter Island are available as a private service or with a group.

Group tours can be recommended since they cause less stress to this fragile environment. If everybody rents a car to drive around, the negative impact to Easter Island is significant (erosion, contamination, waste oil during maintenance etc.).

Traveling together can be much more fun, as well, since you might get connected with people all around the world!

However, you might also choose a private tour for various reason and it might be the best option for families, senior travelers and other individuals.

The major Tour Operator on Easter Island, Kia Koe Tour on the main street, have tours every day of the year including Christmas and New Year's Eve even the office is open only during the office hours. That means you need to book tours beforehand for national holidays and Sundays. However, your hotel might call the tour operators, as well but make sure you know to whom they'll call.

Other major operators, Aku Aku Turismo, Rapa Nui Travel and Mahinatur have less availability (especially in case of English tours) so it's better to book in advance.

When it's high season, all tours are available every day but during the low season, minor operators do not have tours every day and even Kia Koe Tour will rotate tours (meaning that every day is EITHER Full Day Tour OR 2 Half Day Tours).

The most popular tours are as follows:

* Full Day Tour: This route will introduce you to Vaihu, Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Ahu Tongariki, Te Pito O Kura, Anakena and Ahu Nau Nau.

* Half Day Tour: Orongo: This route includes Vinapu, Ana Kai Tangata, Rano Kau and Orongo. This tour is always during the morning since if there's wind, there's always less wind during the morning.

* Half Day Tour: Akivi: This route includes Puna Pau, Ahu Akivi and Ana Te Pahu. This tour is always during the afternoon since if there's sun, you'll get better photos of Moais of Akivi.

It's possible to book 2 half day tours for the same day and have all tours during 2 days, which is typical.