Although Ushuaia is on an island, you can get there by car, though it’s not the most popular way.

If you want to drive your own car or one you have rented, you can take a ferry to Ushuaia via Chilean territory. Two options are available. The first, and most popular way to cross to Ushuaia is to take a ferry through Primera Angostura, which takes about 30 minutes and runs every hour from about 8 in the morning to 10 at night. It is operated only during the summer months and will shut down in the event of bad weather.

The other way to cross to Ushuaia via ferry is via the Punta Arenas-Puerto Porvenir. This crossing can take 2 ½ hours and also only operates during the summer months, and only a few times a month.

The most popular way to get to Ushuaia is to fly from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. There are many direct flights available and the flight is literally a hop over the water.

Finally, if you prefer to arrive via bus, you can, but it’s not your best option for travel to Ushuaia. It can take up to 45 hours and requires driving into Chilean territory, which requires a stop at customs. By far, the most popular and easiest option for getting to Ushuaia is via plane from Buenos Aires.