While visiting Ushuaia, you can visit the tourism office at San Martin 674. They can help you plan elements of your trip you might not already have a plan for, and can help you determine if your trip coincides with any holiday where there might be closings, such as Argentina Flag Day (in June), Argentina National Independence Day (in July), or the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Dec. 8).

You can easily find the tourist office downtown in the historic city center.

If you want to do a little planning with tourism online before you head out, here are some possibilities:

*A lot of great information can be found at the Argentina-Patagonia website, on the Ushuaia page. Here you can see wonderful pictures, get ideas for outdoor and indoor activities, and plan details of your trip.

* This website offers a bevy of links to other sites that can help you plan your trip, get background on the area and see useful maps you can download and print before you go.