A great first stop upon arriving in Lake Havasu is the official visitors center at the London Bridge. The visitors center can be found in the  English Village, on London Bridge Road and Highway 95. There you will find a wonderful, friendly and knowledgable staff to assist you while you are in Lake Havasu City. They have a wealth of information at their disposal including, maps, brochures, etc. The hours of operation are Monday-Saturday from 8:30am-4:00pm.

Make sure to check out the London Bridge and the English Village under the Bridge. It was the founder's dream and vision to have the Bridge in Havasu to create the "ultimate" tourist spot. The English Village has a lot of little shops selling souvineirs, ice cream, and food. There is also a boat you can catch over the Havasu Landing, the Indian Casino just across the lake. Tickets are $6 for the round trip ticket.