As far as crime rates go, Tahiti is one of the safest places to visit. The crime rates in Tahiti are very low and even crimes as small as “aggression” and “delinquency” are not an issue. Of course there are some instances when a tourist will encounter a pick-pocket, but for the most part, tourists do not have to be overly worried about their safety while on vacation here. The atmosphere is not that of a huge, metropolitan city where visitors have to be on-guard at all times. Tahiti is a place to relax and not be worried about crime.

In case of a medical emergency while visiting Tahiti, visitors have access to the local hospitals. The largest and most advanced hospitals are located on the island of Tahiti, rather than on the outlaying islands.  The largest hospitals in Tahiti are open all day and all night for emergencies. Some of the hospitals also have medical clinics that can be utilized for situations that are not deemed as emergencies.

Tahiti does have pharmacies located all over the island, but it’s always a good idea to bring personal prescription medications when traveling so that it won’t become a hassle if medication is needed while on vacation.