Zhouzhuang is one of a number of "water towns" that surround the Shanghai metro area.  Dubbed the "Venice of the East", it does not have nearly the same romance or cachet that its Italian namesake has, but nevertheless is good for a day trip to explore.  Here you can take a gondola ride through the town's narrow canals, walk through its many parks and gardens, and of course, shop for kitschy souveniers.

Oriental Green Garden (Dong Fang Lv Zhou) is a huge sprawling suburban park, nicely landscaped great for escaping the crowds of the city.  There is a replica of an aircraft carrier with some old Chinese military jets parked on top, and an aviation museum inside with Air Force military plane replicas (!).  An amphibious landing craft offers thrill rides around the aircraft carrier.  The rest of the park has numerous floral and sculpture displays, good for lots of photo-ops.  Keep in mind that there are not a lot of restaurants in the park so it's best to bring your own food. 

Hangzhou is a city about 3 hours drive from Shanghai.  The West Lake is one of China's most scenic, and you can hire a boat to take you for a cruise to one of several man-made islands in the lake, to visit small temples, relax under shady willow trees, and sip tea.  The surrounding mountains offer great hiking and exploring opportunities, and the air is undoubtedly fresher than in urban Shanghai.

 Expo Families contains two hundreds families in Shanghai , they are still open after 2010 Shanghai Expo. Talking with real shanghainese and be a Shanghainese is also a good experience.